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Garments Textile ERP Software List
Garments Textile ERP Software List

Garments Textile ERP Software List

Garments Textile ERP Software

Auto Garment Management System is developed for Garments/Textile Industries. The system involves Access Control, Supply Chain Management and Financial Management. We sale all Apparel ERP in cheapest price. We are the authorized distributor of all largest software company in Bangladesh. Please contact us apparelsoftware@gmail.com. The system is intended to monitor regular tracking of Order Entry, Purchasing Details and its interrelationship with Expenses and Profit/Loss Calculations. System’s Access Control helps in secure way of handling Business Management. System gives out clear and User-Friendly Reports for Trend and Forecasting Analysis

Software List

Inventory Management ERP

RMG ERP – ICT Management

RMG ERP – Vehicle Management

RMG ERP –  Human Resource Management

  • Employ Management
  • Stuff Management
  • Worker Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance & Overtime Management

RMG  ERP – Accounts Management

  • Tally ERP 9 Software
  • Buyer Indexing System
  • Proposal Management System
  • Work Order Management System

RMG ERP – Procurement Management

  • Supplier Management
  • Requisition Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Raw Materials Management
  • Raw Materials Inspection
  • Stock Management

RMG ERP – Production Management

RMG ERP – Shipment Management

  • Shipment
  • Stock Lo

RMG ERP – Lab Management

RMG ERP – Spinning Management

  • Software datalog

RMG ERP – Weaving Management

Some ERP Module of inserttech

Code Modules
1 HR Human Resources
HR-APP >> Applicant Management (Recruitment)
HR-PM >> Profile Manager with Promotion/Transfer
HR-LM >> Leave management
HR-TCM >>Time Card Management (Compliance/Non Compliance)
HR-PIW >> Payroll Manager (Compliance/Non Compliance)
HR-PD >> Personnel Development Training
>> Related Reports (Compliance/Non Compliance)
2 MM Material Management (MM)
MM-SM >> Stock Management
             >> Raw materials
             >> Finished goods
             >> WIP (Work in Progress)
             >> Machine & Parts
MM-DSP >> Material Issues
MM-RQ >> Material Requisition
MM-MT >> Material Maintenance
MM-MP >> Material Purchase
MM-SLS >> Material Sales
3 IFA Industrial Finance & Accounts
>> Multiple Fund Manager
>> Chart of Accounts
>> Voucher
>> Reimbursements
>> Integration with Payroll & Material manager
>> Central Accounting Reports
>> Cost-Center wise Reports
FIA-BG Budget Planing
4 SOP Sales & Operational planning
SOP-MR >> Merchandising
…….. Quotation Manager
…….. Cost Sheets
…….. Purchase Order Manager
…….. BOM Booking System
SOP-LC >> LC Requisitions System
5 CM Commercials
CM-IM >> Imports
CM-EX >> Export
6 PLM Product Life Cycle Management
PLM-PM >> Product Management
             >> R&D
             >> Cut Plan Manager
             >> Sewing
             >> Printing
             >> Finishing
             >> Packaging
             >> Related Reports
PLM-QM >> Quality Management
7 PE Production Engineering
>> Incentive Management
>> Shop floor control
>> Related Reports
8 IP Integrated Planner (GUI tools)
IP-CRP              >> Capacity requirement planning
IP-PP              >> Production planning with PO wise Production follow-up Solution
             >> Related Reports
7 BKP Auto Backup & Logs system
8 ACS Central Access Control System & Module Specific Access Control.
9 Integration of Barcode reader & Attendance devices with software
10 1 Year Service (Free)

Inventory ERP Module of inserttech

Code Modules
1 Dashboard
Sales Order
Closed Requisitions
Not Approved
3 Products
Product Add
Products List
Products Category
Products Brands
Products Units
4 Purchase
New Requisition
Requisition List
Requisition Recommend
Requisition Approve
Requisition PO
Requisition Close
Not Approved
Stock Add
Stock Perches
5 Sales
Sales Add
Sales List
Sales Due List
Sales Returns
6 Stock
Stock Dashboard
Stock Alert
Damaged Stock
Stock Return
Opening Stock
7 Reports
Profit & Loss
8 Accounts
Head List
Acc Balance
9 Admin
Admin List
Admin Add
Company: Skylark Soft Limited
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Email: info@skylarksoft.com, skylark.advert@gmail.com, bms@skylarksoft.net
Phone: 01848346300, 01792525354
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Key Account Manager
Cell :+88 01778 278478


About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Garment Automation Technologist and Editor in Chief of Autogarment. He is certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. He is working as a Successful Digital Marketer and Search Engine Specialist in RMG sector during 2005 to till now. Contact him- apparelsoftware@gmail.com

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