Fabric Bundle Code Generator
Fabric Bundle Code Generator

Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System

Fabric Bundle Code Generator

This is the operating procedure of Bundle Code Generator have 5 types of operation. All are more less same. To know more please Email us [email protected], Cell# +880 1792525354

Fabric Bundle Card Generator Documents

At First we need to understand Spreading Sheet. A Spreading sheet is given below

Example : An Empty Form

—————————————————-Start Empty Form————————————————-

Learning and Earning Digital Center

Vill : Loker Para, PS. Ghatail, Dist. Tangail           Form No: LEDC/002                            Date:

Spreading Sheet

Buyer Name:                                                                                      Size/Marker:

Style NO:                                                                                             Total Marker Size:

Order NO:                                                                                           GSM:

GMTS Description:                                                                           Lot:

Fabric Description:                                                                          Total Qty:

Start Time:                                                                                          End Time:

Roll NoColorShadeFabric WidthMarker WidthMarker Length Total YardsLayer NumbersCumulativeBalance







Spreader    Signature                                         Cutting Manager Signature



When fabric is cutt after laying the Fabric Bundle need to be separate. The the operator tye it with Fabric Code printed on paper

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