Garment finishing – All finishing types of machine are described in this category

Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories & Packing Materials Policy

Sketch, Fabrics, Accessories PURPOSE: To ensure identification, verification, protection and safeguard of customer property provided for use or incorporation into product.  As an additional support for good auditor conduct during an audit, auditors/audit companies are making available their own code of conduct for auditors, which describes the need for impartiality on …

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Textile Finishing Machine Problem. Eg. Unitech Dryer

Textile Finishing Machine Problem

Textile Finishing Machine Stenter – Textile Finishing Machine Uncurling Device Problem (Tandametic)Korino Part Uncurling Roller ProblemNet ProblemMahlo  Problem (Camera)Pin & Chine ProlemMaster Rollar Motor ProblemFront Monitor ProblemPanel Board A/C Problem for Stenter Machine Open Compactor Cantering Roller ProblemOver Feed Roller Tape ProblemWheel Brush ProblemLower Cylinder Temperature ProblemUpper Cylinder Steam Pipe …

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Transport & Conveyance Allowance Rules . Pool Vehicle Facilities

Transport & Conveyance Allowance Rules

Conveyance Allowance Rules In order to restructure the procedure for payment of Conveyance Allowance Rules to the employees and staff of Auto Forum Ltd. Control that land transport subcontractor operations meet the required standards . We sale Online Vehicle Management System Software Pick and drop, trip to purchases, visit of …

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