HP Plotter a0

HP plotter series of intelligent ultra-high speed inkjet plotter is a friction drive roller paper sheet travel system that can be used to draw complex graphics and text, the materials include computer paper, wheat-paper, thickness 30g-400g not from and so on. HP plotter a0 series of intelligent ultra-high speed inkjet plotter not only beautiful shape and elegant, and high precision, speed, stability and compatibility (compatible with HP-GL), a variety of apparel CAD

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Specification of HP Plotter a0:

The Brand——————————— Hewlett Packard
Model HP ——————————— DesignJet 1055cm plus
MPN ————————————— C6075B#AK
Printer Types————————– — Large-Format Printers
Family Lines—————————— HP DesignJet
Technology——————————– InkJet
Output Types —————————– Color Printer
Black print speed up to —————  – 13 sq.m/hour
Max Resolutions (BW) —————— 1200 x 600 dpi
Max Resolutions (Colour) ————– 600 x 600 dpi
Platform ———————————- PC, Unix
Extend Printer Technology ———— Inkjet
Computer Operating System———- Linux, Microsoft Windows 95, UNIX
The Networking Type —————– Print Server

Safety Tips for a0 Plotter:

Please read carefully before using intelligent ultra high speed inkjet Hewlett Packard a0 plotter all of the following guidelines:

Safety Tips for a0 Plotter
Safety Tips
  • Inkjet machine mounted horizontally on the ground, the ground tilt, plotters will not work properly.
  • The inkjet put away, adjustable foot height bracket cup until the machine reaches the level of the state.
  • Do not shake or inkjet machine of Hewlett Packard a0 plotter on unstable ground;
  • Press the machine’s rated voltage requirements coupled power, do not connect to the ink jet no steady voltage outlet, unstable power supply can cause performance degradation plotters, and even burned power supply board; Please install the power supply voltage is unstable browser!
  • Power plug with power board into the ground, do not remove the plug at the top of the pin, in order to ensure that the equipment is grounded. If the machine is not grounded, may be due to excessive accumulation of charge arising from discharges harm the human body, it can also cause damage to machine components;
  • Avoid connecting plotter with photocopying machines, air conditioners or other high-power devices on the same line; if the unit is in parallel with other high-power devices to the same power outlet, make sure the power supply of the equipment required and must not exceed the power outlet The maximum current load of the wire can;
  • Do not use a damaged or frayed power cord;
  • Time when not in use, remove the plug from the power outlet;
  • Inkjet Hewlett Packard plotter before cleaning, unplug the power cord;
  • Do not fall into the liquid ink jet plotter, otherwise it will cause a short circuit and cause damage;
  • Unless the machine (using manual) on a note, please do not repair or demolition plotter;
  • Do not block or place other items into the plotter working range;
  • When the machine is working, do not put his hand into the drawing, touch the ink vehicle or device inside the machine;

Caution of Plotter a0:

Whether you are familiar with the new plotter a0 series inkjet Gimli, before operating the machine please read carefully the following precautions:

HP Plotter a0
HP Plotter Cartidge
  • Hewlett Packard plotter a0 Machine use of the environment:
  • The ink jet operating temperature range: 0-35 degrees Celsius, not in strong light, or heat radiation place to store or use the machine.
  • Ink jet machine operating at normal temperature and humidity range: 20% -80%, do not use ink jet machine in a humid or dusty place. Because once condensation inside the machine, cutting plotter dust into the house, can cause a short circuit or poor contact inkjet seriously affect performance.
  • Avoid strong electromagnetic interference or magnetic put things beside inkjet.
  • Additional considerations
  • Do not hand to move the ink car, otherwise it will ruin the inkjet Hewlett Packard plotter a0.
  • In addition to handling the ink cartridges, the ink vehicle, do not twist the retaining nut.
  • Do not try to lubricate inkjet machine, otherwise it will cause the machine to malfunction.
  • The access or disconnect the power before, make sure that the machine switch is turned off.
  • After you are finished using an inkjet machine, set the machine with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering.
  • To avoid unnecessary frequent switching machine, so as not to affect the performance of electronic components.
  • The inkjet process, not the body against the inkjet machine or hand on the rail cover.
  • Such as the need to access or adjust the transmission signal line, make sure the computer and inkjet machine’s power switch are turned off.

Common faults and Plotter Service:

When you use the inkjet process, if you encounter problems, and your need plotter service. Please read the following carefully in order to find a solution. If still not solve the problem, please contact us, do not dismantle unauthorized repair or inkjet machine for plotter service

Common faults and Plotter Service
Plotter Service

Boot no response

LEDs on the keypad is not lit, inkjet is not powered. Check the power cord and AC line inkjet safety seat is connected to the power supply inkjet machine is bad, if there is no short circuit occurs if there is power output.

Boot Mexican trucks have been right to run, can not stop

Mexican car is not aligned magnetic sensor, adjust the sensor fastening screws, reposition the sensor.

No ink jet print

Check the ink cartridges are empty, but if there is dust clogged nozzles is recommended to use original cartridges.

Is not retractable paper

Check that the power is in the protected state (ie overcurrent protection), motor whether the connections are intact before and after the sensor is normal, the power supply is normal.

The graphics interface difference

  • Check whether inkjet machine on a level ground for plotter service
  • Check the paper roll clamps are tight
  • whether the assembly of two parallel support
  • two platen lever is deformed
  • retractable drum rotation is smooth plotter service
  • The paper is aligned in HP plotter a0

To know more about HP Plotter please visit its official site www.hpplotter.co.uk

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Auto Machine Technologist, Web: www.autogarment.com, Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell: +88 017 92 52 53 54