Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software- We have developed several supply chain management software for clothing industries. Supply chain is integration of different sub module like inventory , requisition, procurement, sales, warehouse management etc.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Supply Chain Management Sub Modules

Sub Modules of Suply chain software is described below –

Warehouse and Asset Management

  1. Material Resource Planning MRP System Software
  2. WMS System Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Procurement Module

  1. E Procurement System Software 
  2. Supplier and Vendor Management Process Software
  3. Application of E Commerce. Online Electronics Shopping Software
  4. Material Purchase Requisition System Software

Inventory Management

  1. Inventory Tracking System Software & Inventory Management Tools
  2. Computerized Inventory Control System Pdf Manual
  3. Chemical Inventory Management System
  4. Billing and Inventory Management Software Free Download
  5. Clothing Inventory Management Software ERP for Sale
  6. Inventory Planning and Management Strategies for Software
  7. Enterprise Asset Management Solutions
  8. Asset Management Group Wise Allotment Software

Case Study for Supply Chain

COGS: Cost of Good of Services Sold. It is direct cost to production making in software system. Indirect cost is not including here. It is completely accounting terms It consists of Stock, Procurement, Products, Shipment

Business Company Declaration: It is very essential for developing a software. AT first software owner need to set company name. Example of company name, Auto Garments Ltd, Auto Printers Ltd, Auto Knit Ltd etc.

Business Unit Declaration: Business Unit is also essential. Example of garments business unit, AGL, APL, AKL, HO, Factory. Cost center hierarchy is first job for any software development

Business Department Declaration: Business department must set before data entry. Inventory Item Category and Sub Category: Inventory Item category need to defined initially otherwise software may fail. Inventory Item valuation, inventory check, data validation and all other document format require.

Batch Management: For better supply chain system batch management is essential to track the products. In garments factory two types of products are entered. One is general stationary and other one is raw materials.   Pen, cartridge, show, water bottle, pencil is example of general stationary. All general item may not use during garment production. Fabric, thread, yarn, button, lace, interlining are example of raw material. All raw material use during garment manufacturing process. Batch management requires for this material for tracking in Fiffo method. For example, when a garment will be found as defect in finishing section or after shipment to customer, we can identify the root cause of the fault.  Barcode system can be used in batch management.

During developing the supply chain system software all person of marketing, merchandising, inventory, store, commercial, sample, compliance is essential to attend in a meeting.

Supplier Return Process:  It can be in multiple way. Return adjustment is essential in this this section. When a garment opens a LC, amount is declared on letter of credit. Which is already sent to party. But there is some option when a suppler send their raw material in a garment. They may send 5% less or more. If it is more than software owner needs to store it separate location with 0 value. If it is less, like 95% then 100% value will comply in 95%.

Downgrade Disposal: Disposal item should be quit by Right Off system.