QC QA – All qc and qa types of machine are described in this category

Quality System Procedure of a Garments

Quality System Procedure PURPOSE: To define management responsibility of Auto Garment Ltd SCOPE: Applies to Quality Management System (QMS) adopted by Auto Garment Ltd RESPONSIBILITY: Managing Director is responsible for declaring Quality Policy and ensuring responsibility, and authority for the persons who manage, perform and verify work-affecting quality and shall ensure adequate …

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Inspection Machine and Technical Maintenance

Fabric inspection apparel industry

Inspection Machine Actions to rectify defects are not taken immediately. Defects of inline and end of line inspections are not recorded. Insufficient number of inline QCs. No records of pre-production meetings with any subcontractors (e.g. washing, embroidery, printing).No copy of buyer’s safety requirement available. Metal detector is unable to detect test …

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What is Crocking Test Tester?

What is Crocking Tester

Crocking Test Tester This Crocking Test Tester verifies the color bleeding property of garment. The instrument called CROCK METER. This process done in two types: (1) DRY CROCKING (2) WET CROCKING. Acceptable standard varies from buyer to buyer but best standard is DRY               4 WET                3 Procedure For dry process, …

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