Web Payroll Solutions Software for Clothing Industries

Web Payroll Solutions

Web Payroll Solutions is specially designed for garment industry. It cover some complex features like salary and allowance management, Shift management, employee profile management, salary sheet, tax calculation, leave management, loan management, pf, gf, evaluation and appraisal management, pay slip and bank advice etc. To get our software please contact us

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Payroll Reports

  • Pay Register,
  • Pay Slip.
  • Monthly PF,
  • Yearly PF
  • Monthly P Tax,
  • Yearly P Tax
  • Monthly I Tax,
  • Yearly I Tax
  • Monthly ESI,
  • Yearly ESI
  • Bank Advice.
  • Leave Status,
  • Bonus,
  • PF Loans & Advance.
  • Professional Tax Returns,
  • ESI Returns.
  • PF Returns
  • ESI Returns
  • F.P.F. Returns,
  • Gratuity Valuation
  • Leave Encashment Valuation
  • Salary Certificate,
  • Salary Reconciliation.
  • Cumulative Pay Slip,
  • Cumulative Pay Register.
  • Estimated Cost to the Company Computation,
  • Actual Cost to the Company
  • Information Register
  • Other Payment Slip
  • Leave Encashment Register
  • Deduction Register
  • Monthly Journal for Salary
  • Monthly Sales Graphs
  • Location wise Salary Graphs
  • Category wise Salary Graphs
  • Department wise Salary Graphs

Master Data Entry

  • Attendance> Monthly, Fortnightly, Daily
  • Overtime Duration Entries
  • Other Payment Transactions
  • Increment Entry
  • Promotion Entry
  • Loan & Advance Entries

Extended Features

  • Business Analyses Payroll Salary Software
  • Prepared Day by day Data Collection Load,
  • Process, Factory Anybody Attendance,
  • Job card,
  • Live Entry,
  • Resign,
  • Pay Slip & Monthly Salary Payment  and Compliance or Audit Maintaining,
  • Maybe can Class One Computer Graphic Design Hardware or Software Installation PC.  
  • Good Combination & Good Relation All Over Composite Factory
  • Pretty Cash,
  • Any Salary,
  • Check,
  • Bank Statement Check,
  • Carnet Bill,
  • Gash Bill,
  • Diesel Bill,
  • Telephone Bill,
  • Goods Wastages Sale
  • Bank Cash Posting Balance & Debit,
  • Credit All Over Voucher Maintain & Computer Accounts
  • Inventory Goods Software Handling
  • Data Entry Day by Day.

Case Study and Questionary

  • What is the minimum wage by law? (i.e. Per month/day/hour)
  • Does factory inform workers in any way what is the
  • minimum wage? How are the workers informed?
  • Does factory pay workers piece rate?
  • Are ALL “piece rate” workers guarantee at least the
  • “minimum wage” based on regular/standard hours? (verify)
  • What is the rate paid to “trainees/temporary” workers by factory?
  • How often (period) are workers paid within one month?
  • Which day are workers paid? At what time?
  • Do workers have an employment contracts?
  • Do workers receive a pay slip?
  • Do workers have personal files?
  • Is Overtime wages paid together with regular/standard salary?
  • Are workers given a detailed break down on their wages and deductions? Including overtime?
  • Are country /area legal deductions being made by factory? (see records and verify)
  • What is the legal overtime rate required by local law?
  • What is the legal overtime rate paid by factory?
  • Piece work labor
  • Trainee labor
  • Hourly/Daily/Monthly work labor
  • What is the total number of ”regular/standard” working hours stated by local law?
  • What is the “maximum” total number of “overtime” working hours stated by local law? specify if weekly or monthly)
  • What is the “average” total number of “overtime” hours per worker at factory?
  • (specify area and if weekly or monthly)
  • Are employees given work to complete at home? What rate are they paid?
  • How long is given for lunch on a daily basis?
  • Are the workers given “time off” or “dinner allowance” when working overtime? How long?
  • Which months during the year is considered “peak season”? List the months:
  • Do workers get at least one day off in a week or after every 7 days?
  • Monitoring & Record Keeping
  • Does factory have a time clock for attendance and labored hours recording purpose?
  • Do workers themselves punch “in/out” their time cards?
  • All working hours (in/out) recorded and documented by time card?
  • Are their payroll records for all workers clear and accurate?
  • Do the payroll records agree with workers’ records?
  • Are legal deductions required by law made accounted for and documented?
  • Are there any additional deduction made, accounted for and documented?
  • Are employees records maintained at the work site?
  • Are these records in a secure location?
  • Are payroll records kept and maintained at the work site (office)?
  • Are these records in a secure location?
  • If records are not available? What is factory‘s reason?

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