Tally ERP9

Tally erp 9 crack is a complete Accounting, Inventory and MIS Software developed and designed to meet best the requirements of financial accounting, inventory accounting, and MIS of an organization whatever the type of its business is. Tally is a most powerful, yet very simple and easy, Software for operation. The power and simplicity of Tally has, so far, got 20 lakhs satisfied users in 88 countries all over the world and this number is increasing tremendously. Tally erp9 has got a wide acceptance in our country too. It may be mentioned here that, now you can maintain your accounting even in Bangla.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Technical Specifications and Price Quotation of “Tally ERP9”

Product information: Product Name: Tally ERP – Accounting, Inventory and Payroll Management Software., Developer        :Tally Solutions Pvt. Limited, Bangalore, India. Download tally erp9

Hardware requirements:

Intel Pentium IV Standard

Minimum disk space: 100 MB

Minimum electronic memory (RAM): 1GB

Operating System Software: Microsoft Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/SPII

Monitor Resolution: Recommended 1024 X 768 or higher

N.B.: Tally Multilingual Bengali part supports only XP – SPII

LAN support (for multi user edition)

Network Operating Software support: Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare

Protocol support: TCP/IP for Microsoft Windows network

Terms and Conditions 

Delivery of the software: The delivery of the software will be made from ready stock or within “One month” after receiving the Work Order.

Payment Schedule: 100% Payment along-with the Work Order

Training: Where the site is within Dhaka City Corporation, we will provide training on tally erp 9 for a period of 05 working days – 2 hours/day. In case your location is outside Dhaka City Corporation, we will provide training for full 02 working days. During the training period, we will provide in-depth operating procedure of this software.

Support & Services: We will provide support free of cost for the first Three Months from the date of installation and thereafter subject to making Annual Maintenance Contract with us with a fee of Tk. NA  only for Multi User Edition and NA only for Single User Edition per annum per individual licensed copy payable in advance. Please note that in case of the training site is outside Dhaka City Corporation area, the customer will to bear all the expenses like food, accommodation transportation, etc. of our people to be deputed for the purpose of training on the Software.

Warranty, Update and Upgrade: We will provide Life-Long warranty for our Software CD Media. Update version of Tally will be provided to the existing Tally customers as per Developer’s policy. Up gradation of tally erp9 (i.e., From single User Edition to Multi User Edition) can be made at any time subject to availability at the same version. But in that case the difference amount between the price of Multi User Edition and that of Single User Edition must be paid @ market value at the time of the up gradation of the Software.

Validity of the Quotation: This quotation is valid up to “15days” from date of its issuance.

Tally ERP9 Software Confuguration

Tally ERP 9 Software Configuration 1
Tally ERP 9 Software Configuration


We have described herewith a technique on tally erp 9 crack so that you can get a short overview of the strengths, capabilities, features, and facilities of Tally. Again, we have enclosed a quotation for Tally as you may be interested to buy this software. However, if you are interested to know more about tally erp9, please contact with us at any time.

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