IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions for IT Department -Communication with manufacturer, buyer logistics provider, vendors etc is very important in export oriented industry, and garments sector is not far from this. Beside legacy telecom system IT is now a days very strong, quick and reliable means of communication. Not only in case of communication but also IT has a great role in complex official task, accounting, record keeping, production system automation, designing and many more. So, it is very much clear to every body that in all case there may require keeping confidential or sensitive information in any manner. So, it is very much important to secure IT system for unauthorized use or any data sabotage. We sale Security Management System

  1. Password logon be set up to control employees to access to network and sensitive information
  2. Conduct periodic internal audits of the IT system
  3. Employees are required to change passwords on a regular basis and password will be at lest 7 characters. Last 5 passwords will not reuse.
  4. System in place to identify the abuse of IT including improper access, tampering or altering of business data
  5. Create strong password using combination of capital letter, small letter, number and symbol’s character.
  6. All system violators are subjected to appropriate disciplinary actions for abuse.
  7. All system violators must be reported to the management and be recorded. All records should be kept for at least 12 months
  8. All illegal activities must be reported to the management and police.

Security Policies For IT System

Only few but very active IT Security Solutions are deployed to information security considering the above guidelines.

  1. Physical protection to abuse of computer is ensured.
  2. Password protection is ensured by strong password.
  3. Every User has different use rid with different privileges.
  4. All visited internet website track is recorded.
  5. Harmful website is blocked.
  6. Virus, Spam or Mal ware Guard on IT Security Solutions for IT Department