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Inspection Date: 01-01-2013
Contract No.: 460-26116
Product Description: SS SS DD TEE
VPN / Style No.: JF31DE2R912
Order Quantity: 11000 Pcs
Shipment Quantity: 11000 Pcs
Shipment Destination: UK
Sealed sample Approved Date: 02-12-2016
Contract Shipment Date: 03-01-2017
1. Style, material, colour product label conformity Refer to supplier’s in-house inspection report
2. Workmanship appearance/functioning Refer to supplier’s in-house inspection report
3. Date measurement/field tests Refer to supplier’s in-house inspection report
4. Quantity, B/D, Shipping mark/label, barcode scanning Refer to supplier’s in-house inspection report
5. Inspection without MISSING Information & Sample Refer to supplier’s in-house inspection report
6. 1 If does not conform, missing details:
   Other Comments:                 
Name of Inspector: SANJIT KUMAR BISWAS Name of Factory Representative: ASLAM SHEIKH
Signature: Signature:
SHIPMENT CONCLUSION Name of Technical Manager: N/A

Sales/Export Report Feature :

  1. Buyer/debtor wise comparative analysis f. o. b and cm mention;
  2. Sub contract sales performance comparative analysis
  3. Indirect income details comparative analysis;
  4. Miscellaneous income details comparative analysis;
  5. At a glance  factory performance comparative analysis;
  6. F. O.B comparative analysis with increase/decrease graph;
  7. CM comparative analysis with increase/decrease graph ;

Inspection Report Sample

Inspection Report Sample

Material price/cost variance:

  1. Materials consumption comparative increase/decrease with graph;
  2. Materials cost/price comparative ;
  3. Factory overhead: detail comparative report required;
  4. OT. EOT and TIFFIN BILL expenses comparative
  5. Office and admin overhead: detail comparative report required;
  6.  Selling and distribution overhead: detail comparative report required;
  7.  Finance cost: detail comparative report required;
During my PP meeting I discuss above thing with factory concern people:
Main Label Attached at Center back, Label slanted & Center out not Acceptable.
Deco label attached at Top of bottom 5 Cm Left side seam after war.( label Slanted & center out not acceptable)
Care label attached after wear left side seam from top of bottom 10 cm, care label Slanted not acceptable & Measurement S/b follow pp sample
Poppers use all size at neck & Hoed. (Please Proper way Machine Setting ,Pull test ok then start poppers attach)
Please avoid poppers Placed stitching at color stand edge.
Bottom hem is not straight pals improve.
Hanger loop length is longer than last sample, please follow back last sample.
NO pocket on baby sizes. Stain loop too long, please keep 15mm after sew.

Feature of Quality Software

  • Need to maintain the whiskering pattern templates for immediate two sizes to minimize the variation in bulk.
  • Initial lots to be shown to levi’s.
  • Maintain the record and observe the improvement on a weekly basis.
  • Implement strong check points and have experienced personnel at the checking stations.
  • Monitor the process at the beginning of the lot.
  • Implement strong check points and have experienced personnel at the checking stations.
  • Monitor the process at the beginning of the lot.
  • Regular maintenance of spray booth and guns, make sure that no leakages in the gun and wipe out the extra PP solution after every garments spray.
  • Maintain the stage wise standard and control on fixed recipe.
  • File the Recipe for every new lot as per Levi’s format attached in subsequent sheet.
  • Follow up the production plan with levi’s and find out the finishes planned for the month
  • Divide into two : 1.core 2. Pre book finishes
  • if you don’t have any core finish standard demand for the same from us.
  • For pb need to follow-up with concerned vendor and get the FCRs one week before the lot reaches laundry
  • Make sure that replication to be done as per given standard.
  • In case of variation in the shade bring the closest option to get approval.
  • Bring the unwashed references, and get the line freeze and DP reference sample from WB. List of the same is already mailed to you.
  • Strictly have to follow up one time every month to collect the required samples and show it to Levis, get confirmation, use it for FCR washing.
  • Maintain the approval history.
  • Learn from the same and improve in the next attempt and next finishes.
  • Inform the people involved in the process not to repeat the same mistakes
  • Meeting to be conducted to make sure that people involved in the process know how many days are being consumed as lead time.
  • Always bring the approvals in the morning between 9.30 to 11.30 on week days with prior information to us.
  • Based on the plan provided get the wash standards
  • Go to the garment vendor and discuss the wash cost frozen by Levis with garment vendor.
  • Wherever there is variance quote your wash cost.
  • If there is disagreement, bring it to Levi’s notice well in advance before bulk garments reach laundry.
  • Try and work on reducing the wash cost, discuss your initiatives with Levi’s
  • Laundry should know the targeted date for the lot to dc with stitching vendor.
  • Prioritize lots accordingly and keep us in loop.
  • Currently we are digging into it and pressuring you guys to prioritize the lots.
  • Make sure that laundry team is aware of the targeted date.
  • Analyze the On-time and lead time report of the previous week and plan for the corrective action to improve the same