What is Gerber Accumark 8.0 Data Quality Tools Comparison
AccuMark 8.0

What is Gerber Accumark 8.0 Data Quality Tools Comparison

Gerber AccuMark

The grading engine for Gerber AccuMark 8.0 has been modified in order to support the many new enhancements that have been added to this release. Some of these enhancements are not compatible with Classic Gerber AccuMark. If data created on 8.0 are displayed or Order Processed on an earlier version of software, some items are not preserved if the data is saved in an earlier version of software, and in some cases piece geometry can change shape or notches can move is the data is saved in an earlier version of software.

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A utility to check for differences between graded sizes created in 7.6.5 and graded sizes of the same piece created in Gerber AccuMark 8.0 is available to review existing data.

Data Conversion Services:

It support data conversion services. Data can be compared from any drive or (non-MSDE/SQL) storage area. Using standard wildcards in the “Pattern” field to compare specific patterns within a storage area. The “Tolerance” field is used to define a specific measurement that a point can deviate between releases. View/System Preferences can be used to set the “Tolerance “ field to Metric or Imperial.

After the initial dialog box is completed, the Check button is used to initiate the comparison. While the utility is running, the “Stop “button can be used to cancel the operation. The “Skip Piece” button can be used to skip over a specific piece if the utility gets hung up checking one piece. This can happen if a piece is corrupt and has hundreds of sizes.

Initially only pieces with problems are displayed in a list. The “Show All Pieces” button can be used to display all pieces in the storage area, which includes those pieces that are within the grading tolerance specified.

The potential status values of data conversion services are “Points out of tolerance” or “Failed to grade piece using old/new grading method”.

Gerber Data:

When a specific size is selected from the Details section of the form, the “View” button is enabled. The “View” button displays the old and new versions of the piece. More than one size can be selected to view at the same time. Generally, sizes farther away from the base size have a more pronounced difference. Several functions are available in this View window. The gerber data can be convert from gerber to dxf and dxf to gerber

Data Quality Tools Comparison:

Some data quality tools comparison are stated below-

Status Bar:

The Status Bar is best gerber data quality tools comparison that provides  the function that is being applied.


It is another gerber data quality tools comparison of Full Scale, Full Width and Full Height can be used to control the view. The piece can be zoomed in on using the left mouse button and creating a marquee around the desired area. The right mouse button will reverse the views.


The sizes menu shows a list of sizes that is being displayed. Each of these sizes can selectively be turned ON or OFF.

Tool Bar:

The Tool Bar has tools for New Grading, Old Grading, Differences, Symbols, Notches, Smoothing, Measure and Clear Measurements. Toggle the icons or use the options in the View menu to turn a function on or off.

New Grading:

The grading generated by AccuMark V8.0 is displayed as white lines and can be turned ON or OFF.

Old Grading:

The grading generated by AccuMark V7.6.5 is displayed as green lines and can be turned ON or OFF (new grading if selected, is displayed on top of the old grading).


The areas where the old and new grading methods produce difference results are displayed as red lines and can be turned ON or OFF.


The display of notches can be turned ON or OFF.


The display of the piece with smoothing applied can be turned ON or OFF.


Distances between points can be measured. The user is prompted to select the first and second points for measuring.

Clear Measurements:

Use this function to clear all measurements on the display.


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