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What is Filament Yarn Testing Machine? Favimat and Description

Yarn Tester

Yarn Testing Machine Pre-selectable extension of Yarn Testing Machine *Gauge length between the godets upto 1000 mm; Electrically heated temperature upto 450 C Automatic traversing for yam introduction to the heater Load cells (1000cN or higher) Yam Speed Upto 900m/min PC System for controlling Test Processes Pre-tensioning device ‘Standard ASTM …

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Yarn Fiction Tester. Yarn vs Npm and Continuity Garments

Yarn Fiction Tester. Yarn vs Npm Yarn Fiction Tester – Applicable to Multiple yarn type Friction angle adjustable Pretension Applicable Pretension range 0-24CN Yarn testing speed 20m/min or 110m/min All accessories required to make equipment operational Standard JISL1095 ASTM D3108 ASTM D3412 BATCH CODING It is the suppliers responsibility to …

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What is Weathering Fastness Testing Machine?

What is Weathering Fastness Testing Machine? Weathering Fastness Testing Machine – tunlight simulation test chamber ltaperature Range: 25-200 °C Humidity range: 50-98% Irradiance Range=35-150 w/m2 Material: Stain less steel Lamp: water cooled xenon arc lamp You may read about Light Fastness Tester WORKING INSTRUCTION BUYER WEATHER PROOF. SLEEVE LONG 4⅜” …

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