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The Import In-charge should follow the following formalities to perform the Import activities on schedule basis, such as-

For Sample Fabrics & Accessories : Keeping the regular communication the import section should release the related goods in time and should hand over the same to Store by providing the massaGE

For Raw Materials : After getting the Master L/c or the sales Contract Number  the Import Incharge should collect the sketch, measurement, Proforma Invoice, etc to perform the import formalities.

Then he should open the required BTB letter of credit according to the proforma invoice and should dispatch a copy thereof to factory for their official formalities.

Then the he should prepare the required papers & documents to approve the Consumption as well as UD from BGMEA.

Then he should maintain communication with supplier / factory to get the Copy / original documents for shipment of goods.

After the getting the documents from supplier he should dispatch the copy of Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading to our respective C&F Agent to take pre-questionery step to collect the vessel position and to communicate with the forwarder / carrier to deliver the goods in stipulated time after Birthing the vessel. A copy the Invoice & packing list also to be hand over to Store to file the information and to check the receiving goods with packing list. Side by side he should keep communication with forwarder / carrier to collect the vessel position.

In absence of original documents he should collect the Shipping Guarantee form respective bank and should dispatch it to the C&F agent along with the UD in due time.

After deliver the goods by our C&F agent he should inform the massage to store on advance basis.

He should execute all the banking formalities, maintain official documents, deliver the information and banking voucher to Accounts Section in due time.

He should adjust all the BTB liabilities by the respective export bills (after realising the payment) and should check the CM part of company.  


After completion of all kinds of inspection of goods and approval of packing list the Finishing In-charge will hand over one copy of the packing list to the Export Section and an another copy to the Store. After receiving the Packing List the respective section will execute the following jobs :

  • Export Section : It is the prime duty of export in-charge to follow-up the Export Schedule, to co-operate the packing section in preparing the final packing list, communicate with the Transport Agent to deliver the goods for export in time. After receiving the packing list he will prepare all the related papers and documents, will communicate with the C&F agent, with shipping line and above all with factory. After preparing the documents one set thereof to be dispatched at factory for their official record. He should take all kinds of Departmental approval in due time to place the documents at bank for collecting the payment. He will also prepare a Monthly Export Statement and one copy of that should be handed over to the Accounts Section for counter checking.
  • Master LC/ SC No
  • Bank Bill/TT Date             
  • Bank                     
  • Master LC/ SC Date        
  • Buyer Acceptance Date
  • ABP/Bank Ref No             
  • Payment Term  
  • Buyer Payment Advice Date        
  • Exp. No                                
  • Ex-factory Date                
  • Due date to Buyer Advice Date  
  • Buyer                   
  • Garments Quantity         
  • Buyer Accept. vs Payment Date
  • Customer                           
  • UoM                     
  • Bank Payment Advice Date         
  • Nature Of Customer                       
  • Currency                             
  • Buyer Pay vs Bank Pay   
  • P.I. No                  
  • Collection Amount                          
  • Bank Realization Date    
  • PI Date                 
  • BL / FCR No                        
  • Realization Amount        
  • Invoice No                          
  • BL / FCR Date                    
  • Short/Access Realization
  • Invoice Date      
  • Document Submission Date                        
  • Overdue Days   
  • Mode Of Shipment
  • Doc Submitted Value     
  • Ex-factory to Realization               
  • Mode Of Collection        
  • BL to Doc Submission Days                          
  • Status   
  • Collection Ref.                  
  • Bank Acceptance Date  
  • Tenure (in Days)                              
  • Doc Sub to Acceptance Days       
  • Expected Due Date                         
  • Bank Bill/TT No
  • LC Performance Report                

Overdue Reasons

Store : After receiving the final Packing list the store in-charge will prepare the delivery challan thereof and should execute all the formalities to load the goods at Delivery Van /Truck. He should maintain an export Register and should keep record in accordance with delivery date as well as PO. He will also prepare a Monthly Export Statement and will hand over a copy to the Accounts Section for counter checking.