What is RMG Online CRM System?

RMG Online CRM System Management tracks & analyzes sales data, automated transactions, it monitors performance, tracks expenses & even manage buyer order preparation & customer credit. Top CRM Software Sale uses historical data to determine ideal price points & prime inventory numbers, saving businesses a great deal of time by removing the need to manually perform price and profit calculation. We also sale all types of RMG software.  For any queries, please Contact Us. Cell# +8801792525354

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Top CRM Software Sale also allows you to immediately locate any item in your garments warehouse, which streamlines purchase order processing. All of these functions ultimately save businesses time & effort while increasing accuracy & efficiency of RMG process throughout the organization. Some top software list

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RMG Online CRM System Software

Now we will discuss about rmg online sales and crm software for a garments factory. At first a merchandiser will receive a PO from buyr then he will start to enter PO- Purchase order information into RMG Online CRM System software. During entering this types of information merchandiser require some data relevant ot other module/ department

Merchandising Information Details

  • Fiber Yarn Count Determination
  • Textile Trims Costing Template
  • TNA- Time and Acton Task Entry
  • Garments Sample Entry
  • Buyer Name
  • Printing
  • Additional Sewing
  • Merchandiser Remarks
  • Season
  • Style Status
  • Quantity
  • Fabric
  • Merchandiser Name
  • Marketing Team Info
  • Financial Parameter Setup
  • Capacity Calculation
  • Product Sub Department
  • Capacity Allocation
  • Color Entry
  • Product Type
  • Style Description
  • Embroidery
  • Matching
  • Size Range
  • Wash
  • TNA- Time and Acton Task Percent
  • Size Entry
  • Composition Entry

Cost Center BOM of Online CRM System

Cost and budget is very important for garment ERP. It is very essential. It is also called pre costing. If outcome not appropriate then Garments ERP will fail certainly. This is BOM section. BOM means Bill of Materials. A merchandiser need to enter BOM sheet information into system before going to bulk production.  It contains huge information

  • Company Profile
  • Group Profile
  • Material Name
  • Usage Position
  • Size/
  • Fabrics Construction
  • Count
  • Color
  • Supplier
  • Consum
  • UoM
  • Order Qty Extra(%)
  • Location wise Profile
  • Division wise Profile
  • Required Qty(Cons)
  • Initial Cost(Price)
  • Final Cost (Price)
  • UoM (purchase)
  • Required Qty(For Purchase)
  • Actual Required Qty(For Purchase)
  • Negotiation (Total Price)
  • Department wise Profile
  • Section wise Profile
  • Total Price
  • Regular Type
  • Country
  • Color Size
  • Profit Center entry

Production & Research 

RMG Online CRM System software have facility to enter production data. A merchandiser receive data from IE department. Here we will take the below information for our software system

  • Production Floor management
  • Man information
  • Sewing Line management
  • Machine information
  • Sewing Operation entry
  • SMV information
  • Machine Entry system


  • Knitting Charge
  • Dyeing & Finishing Charge
  • Software Variable Settings

General Merchandising Planning 

A merchandiser require monthly projection or T&A Report from planning department . Multiple work order breakdown under 1 PO facility is good for an ERP. 1 PO may have 3 distinct price/FOB. Here garment ERP developer should have this feature. Our ERP have Color size, country, FOB wise breakdown facility during create a work order. Garment ERP developer should develop excellent Time & Action Calendar for the users. A merchandiser or planner input general planning information here. This data can come from planning module

  • TNA – Time and Acton
  • Planning Data Entry by Order projection
  • Commercial data entry
  • Make projection
  • Production data entry
  • Create a visual plan board
  • Calculate and set learning time
  • Inventory data entry
  • Accounting data entry
  • Create planning dashboard
  • Subcontract  data entry

Order test

  • Auto Currency Rate Converter
  • Order Tracking
  • Sample Development
  • Sample data entry for Merchandising process
  • Order Entry
  • Color Wise Breakdown
  • Size wise Breakdown
  • Country wise Breakdown
  • Budget
  • Order Update Entry
  • Copy Function
  • Repeat Function

Fabric Booking Entry

  • Main Fabric Booking Entry
  • Short Fabric Booking Entry
  • Sample Fabric Booking With order Entry
  • Sample Fabric Booking Without order Entry

Trims Booking of Online CRM System

  • Country Wise Trims Booking
  • Order Wise Trims Booking
  • Style Wise Trims Booking
  • Colour Wise Trims Booking
  • Country Wise Trims Booking
  • Fabric Wise Trims Booking
  • Short Trims Booking
  • Sample Trims Booking With Order
  • Sample Trims Booking Without Order
  • Job Wise Trims Booking

Example of a Work Order

For work order different supplier have different work order booking format. Some work order online and some are offline. If a garment factory have 50 supplier then their format may be 50 types of 40 types. Here as a garment ERP developer may set a format of multiple format. Instead that if any work order of a supplier does not match with textile erp developer then what will happen? Solution is garment erp user will upload the dissimilar work order with their software entered work order. Commercial department can use this attached / uploaded document for reference. . If trims is not available on stock then a merchandiser can make a order to suppler. Here we will show a format where a merchandiser send PO to supplier


SAVAR, Hemayatpur

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Date: 13.05.2014

To    : Pedia Ltd

Attn: Mr. Mohir

Subject: Carton Work Order (With Perforation)

Buyer: TESCO


StyleDestinationCarton Ref.MeasurementPerforation Available in the cartonOrder Qty (pcs)Req. Qty on 15th ,2014Req. Qty on 30th ,2014Req. Qty on 15th Ap,2013
2P0KF D9UUKTRA 550X40X30 CMYES2000600600800
    Total2000 Pecs   

Note: Pls. follow the instruction given regarding the perforation and shipping mark positions in the carton.

Prepared By                       Verified By                    Approved By


Merchandising Dept.
Auto knittings Limited
Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka
Mobile: 017131454445

Approval Tracking System

  • Sample Approval System
  • Lab Dip Approval System
  • Trims Approval System
  • Embellishment Approval System

Service Booking

  • Fabric Service wise Booking
  • Yarn Dyeing wise Work Order
  • Embellishment wise Work Order
  • Yarn Dyeing wise Work Order Without Order
  • Service wise Booking

TNA -Time and Acton

In this section a merchandiser will create Time and Action plan for a specific order. This section can do by a merchandiser or a planner from planning module. Some information we enter here like  Lab Dip Submission, Lab Dip Approval Date ,Fabric Booking ,FABRIC_IN
Accessorise Inhouse, PP Meeting ,Cutting ,Sewing start , Finishing start. Our software is very flexible as both side can do this task. During T&A development the flowing information should be enter in different software screen

  • TNA – Time and Acton Template Entry
  • Buyer Name
  • Merchandiser Name
  • Style Name
  • Order Number
  • Action Type
  • Action Name
  • Action Description
  • TNA- Time and Acton Update Entry
  • Default Duration
  • Event Type
  • Product Category
  • Product
  • Last Updated Datetime
  • Created Datetime
  • TNA- Time and Acton Progress Report
  • Buyer/Brand Name
  • Merchandiser Name
  • Style Name
  • Order Name
  • Order Status
  • Shipment Date
  • TNA – Time and Acton Process

General Report Setting

  • Report Signature
  • Bank Info
  • Store wise Location
  • Email Address Setup
  • Mail Recipient Group

Online CRM System Reports

  • BOM Reporting
  • Sales Order Management
  • Sample Development Status Report
  • Color and Size Breakdown Report
  • Online Transaction Reporting
  • Individual Buyer Report
  • Monthly Projection Report
  • Raw Material Order Details Report
  • Shipment Schedule
  • Price Quotation Statement
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Cost Breakdown Report
  • Shipment Pending Report
  • Work progress report
  • Capacity and Order Booking Status
  • Daily Factory Report
  • Order Closing Status Report
  • Monthly Projection And TnA Report
  • Order Details Report With Commercial
  • FOB Statement
  • Shipment Schedule Production Report
  • Labdip Approval Report
  • Customer Credit Management Report
  • Order Wise Sample Approval
  • Size Wise Sample Approval
  • Color Wise Sample Approval
  • Quotations Report
  • Work order Report
  • PO Report
  • PI Report
  • LC Report
  • Embellishment Approval Report
  • Work Order [Booking Report
  • Picking Report
  • Accessories Follow up Report
  • Pricing Report
  • Date Wise Shipment Status
  • Weekly Capacity and Order Booking Status
  • Process Loss Report
  • Order Wise Budget Report
  • Order Update History Report
  • SMV VS Price Analysis Report
  • CPA or Short Fabric Booking Analysis Report
  • Buyer Inquiry Status Report
  • Order wise Future Prediction
  • Country wise Future Prediction
  • Color wise Future Prediction
  • Style wise Future Prediction
  • Country Wise Shipment Pending Report
  • Style Closing Report
  • Report Configuration
  • Report Signature setting
  • Sales Order Processing wise Report
  • Capable to Promise Inventory
  • Style Wise Shipment wise Report


Top CRM Software of RMG sector is very simple to use. This software have very nice graphical interface. This software is error free. Many garments are using this software at present