HR Solutions and Employee Management Software

HR Solutions and Employee Management Software is very effective software developed by Bangladeshi company. Almost all functionality cover by this software.  For any queries, please Contact Us.


Price of this Employee Management Software is BDT 150, 000. Monthly Maintenance cost BDT 12,000. The price may decease / increase base on requirements. Code: hram . We also sale

HR Solutions Features

  • Maintains relevant information of employees in an efficient manner
  • Supports integration with biometric or card attendance system
  • Contains manual attendance entry support
  • Tracks leave record, earn leaves, maternity leaves, leaves requests and availability based on company policy
  • Pay roll processes with generation of pay slip and salary sheet
  • Calculates and manages overtime pay as per company policy
  • Advance salary for employees
  • Employee Benefit Information
  • Tracks employee with bad records
  • Easy to use interface of HR Solutions
  • Maintain compliances of Employee Management Software
  • Manages employee documents and files
  • Transfer employees
  • Dynamic shift management
  • Production bonus management
  • Attendance bonus
  • Nigh bill management
  • Miscellaneous payment – advance payment, dinning bill, house rent etc
  • Penalty management
  • Different analytics to make strategic decisions on – employee count, turnover, salary etc. 21 Holiday management 22 Special Shift and Ramadan time schedule management
  • User activity logging
  • User access control system

Employee Management Software Advantages

  • Projections and analysis on what employee turnover will be in next six months.
  • Forecast on salary and benefits in the upcoming months considering recent months.
  • It will ensure pay only for the hours that worker worked, pay only for the items they produced.
  • You can assign workers in any type of rotating shift. You have too many freedoms on shift allocation.
  • You can offer production bonus in many ways, like based on OT hour, salary, fixed money, fixed allotment etc.
  • It will help you to deliver the reports needed for your different type of audits.
  • You can use Spark from anywhere in the world from any device including your mobile phone

Modules of Employee Management Software

  • Employee management system
  • Salary process and management
  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Dynamic shift management
  • Income Tax Management
  • Training Management
  • Reports of HR Solutions
  • User management and access control system

Employee Management System: Employee management system contain below functions

  • This module manages all the information needed for employee. It keeps important personal information as well as information related to their job responsibility.
  • Employee Information
  • Salary Information of Employee Management Software
  • Salary Adjustment
  • Performance Bonus/Attendance bonus
  • Yearly Bonus
  • This module also keeps track of employee life cycle and movement inside the organization.
  • It also keeps track of employees who the company considers to have bad influence.
  • Advance Payment
  • PF of HR Solutions
  • Late Dduction
  • Bank Advice
  • Loan Schedule
  • Loan Payment
  • KPI evaluation for employees
  • Manage training program for employees

Salary: It include below functions

  • It allows different Miscellaneous payments (advance payment, dinning bill, house rent) in any month.
  • It also allows penalty management according to a fixed amount or per day salary.
  • It also manages both fixed rate and piece rate salary.
  • It allows Attendance Bonus according to the configuration
  • Salary module keeps track of all the salary related information of an employee.
  • It allows advance salary during Eid or any occasion.
  • It tracks employee promotion, increment and deductions
  • It allows other benefits and allowance of employees so that the organization can keep track of the expenses.
  • It permits night bill for employees who works extra hour or generally at night.
  • It allows different production bonus according to the configuration of OT Hour, Salary Range, Allotment, Fixed amount.

Attendance: This modules cover –

  • Attendance module keeps all the information related to employee attendance.
  • Card Access
  • Filter Data
  • Manualy Attendance
  • Edit/Delete Attendance
  • Weekend—Company Weekend,Employee Weekend
  • Emergency offday
  • It manages employee overtime with flexible over time configuration.
  • It also provides the holiday transfer facility
  • Continuous absent check and show cause process for absent
  • This module integrates with any attendance input system, biometric or card punch.
  • Shift change
  • Leave
  • Leave With Pay
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Leave Balance Update
  • It has option to allow employees for late entry and early leave.
  • Contingency
  • Holiday List,
  • Late Approval
  • Early Arrival
  • It keeps track of employee lunch outs, break in and out times.

Leave Management : This modules has may advantages

  • Maternity leave calculation
  • Maternity leave process
  • Leave application and leave history.
  • Easy to use comprehensive leave management system that manages all kinds of leaves of an employee.
  • It keeps track of annual, sick and casual leave.
  • Earned leave process and encashment

Shift Allocation: It includes

  • No need for shift handling hassles anymore
  • It allows re-labor shift, rotational shift and fixed day shift rotation according to configuration of HR Solutions
  • Best shift allocation system with dynamic shifts and rotation policy
  • This handles all the holidays and weekend leave into the shift allocation.
  • Holiday transfers and extra shift are automatically incorporated.

Income Tax Management : It includes

  • This module will help HR and Accounts people to ease the calculation of Employees income taxes based on tax rule and policy.
  • Designation
  • Section
  • Department
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Blood Group
  • Shift
  • Leave Type
  • Leave Calculation

Training Information : It include

A comprehensive module to manage training related activities. The administration part includes the definition of training types, course info, instates, resources persons, scheduling and estimated costs.


Daily Attendance Report

  • User can view various daily attendance report
  • User can print daily attendance report
  • Govt. approved compliance attendance report
  • User can print attendance report in government approved format
  • Monthly Attendance Summary Report
  • User can print monthly attendance report
  • Continuous Absence Check Report
  • User can view employees who are continuously absent for a certain period of time
  • User can print the report
  • Section Wise Attendance Summary
  • User can view section wise and designation wise summary report from this page.
  • Overtime(All/Individual)
  • Festival Bonus(All/Individual Employee)
  • Attendance Bonus(All/Individual Employee /Section/Designation/Yearly/Monthly)
  • Pay Slip-Bangla/English (All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • Basic Salary (All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • Allowance (All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • Deduction (All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • TMA Reports
  • This is tri-monthly attendance report. User can view employee attendance for the month of March, June, September and December.
  • User can view Leave, absent and late report
  • User can view TMA bonus
  • User can print summary
  • Show cause report for continuous absent
  • User can generate show cause report of the employees for continuous absent
  • Employment Job Card Report of Employee Management Software
  • Use can view and print employee job cards.
  • User can search for employee by their employee number

Payroll Reports

  • Prepare Salary Sheet (Individual Employee)
  • Prepare Salary Sheet (All Employee)
  • Salary Payment Sheet
  • Salary Bank Payment Sheet
  • Mothly Salary Summey sheet
  • Buyer salary Sheet(All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • Actual Salary Sheet (All/Individual/Section/Designation wise)
  • Salary Report
  • User can view salary information for employees
  • User can search employee by their old/new number.
  • User can print salary report
  • User can view salary receipt
  • User can print Designation wise summary report
  • User can print section wise summary report
  • User can print location wise summary report
  • User can export salary information to excel file
  • Salary Comparison Report
  • User can print report that shows comparison between the specified month and the previous month. The report compares the salary given to the employees in cash and bank also specifies total number of employees in those two months.
  • Increment Summary Report
  • User can print summary report for salary increment
  • Increment List by Month
  • User can print increment list report by specifying month
  • Employee List by Salary Range
  • User can print employee list by their salary range.
  • Use can also include all the resigned employee for the specifying month
  • Promote list from Cash to Bank
  • User can view list of employees who have been promoted to bank from cash salary.
  • User can print the information
  • Increment list, Salary Att. Leave Summary
  • User can print total salary, attendance and leave summary of employee by their department.
  • OT and Night Bill Report
  • User can print separate report for OT, night bill and holiday amount.
  • User can filter and print report according new, regular and resigned employee.
  • User can print the report to excel file.
  • Advance Salary Report of HR Solutions
  • User can view salary information for employees
  • User can search employee by their old/new number.
  • User can print salary report
  • User can view salary receipt
  • User can print Designation wise summary report
  • User can print section wise summary report
  • User can export salary information to excel file

Bonus Report

  • User can view bonus information
  • User can search for employee by their old/new employee number
  • User can print bonus information
  • User can export bonus information to excel
  • User can print bonus summary report

Earn Leave Encashment Report

  • User can view report for earned leave encashment
  • Employee Info
  • Active /Inactive Employee Information of Employee Management Software
  • Release Employee Information
  • Newer Employee Information List
  • Individual Employee Info
  • Monthly Attendance (All Employee)
  • Monthly Attendance (Individual Employee)
  • Leave (All Employee)
  • Leave (Individual Employee)
  • User can search for employees by their old/new employee number
  • User can print report for earned leave encashment

Maternity leave report

  • User can view maternity leave information
  • User can generate maternity benefits report

Employee Information Report

  • New/Outgoing Employee Report
  • User can view information about employees who joined between a certain period and employees who left the company in that period
  • User can print this new/outgoing employee report
  • Status Wise Employee Report
  • User can view information according to employee status (active, resigned, suspended, terminated) between a specified period
  • User can print this report
  • Employee List for Id Card Print
  • User can view employee list for a section between a specified period.
  • User can search for an employee by their old/new employee number.
  • Designation Wise Employee List
  • User can view and print report for employee by their designation.
  • Quit Employee Report
  • User can view report for all employees who are with the company during a specified period
  • User can print this report
  • Transfer Employee report
  • User can identify their transferred employee in different section over the time
  • Final settlement report
  • User can view the report of an individual status and company can adjust all the payment system when he/she quit.
  • Pregnant Worker List
  • User can view pregnant worker list between a specified period

Over-time (OT) Summary Report

  • User can view summary report for employees who have over-time during a specified period
  • User can print the report to excel file.
  • Service Benefit Report
  • User can view service benefit for employees
  • User can search for an employee by their old/new number.
  • User can print service benefit report
  • User can print service benefit pay slips
  • User can print Earn Leave encashment payslip
  • User can print Welfare fund payslip
  • KPI evaluation report

Transfer Holiday report

  • User can view transfer holiday report for employee
  • User can print transfer holiday report of Employee Management Software

Tiffin Bill Report

  • User can print tiffin bill as on attendance
  • User can print tiffin bill as on OT
  • User can specify shifts for the tiffin bill

Analytics, Dashboard & Graphical Report

  • User can view different reports in graphical format based on employee count, attendance, salary and turnover.

User Roll Setting and Management

  • User can view & print different reports as per the compliance and audit requirements a. This module is the one-stop solution for all the administrative operations.
  • It has option to create administrative users
  • Admin users can add branches, divisions, sections, departments and employee positions from this section
  • Admin user can manage grades of employees from this module
  • This module manages the creation and changes needed for shift allocation.
  • Users can manage holidays for the company
  • Admin user can create and give permission according to page by page or section wise.
  • User Management and access control system of HR Solutions

Annual Maintenance Charges

  • We will prepare infrastructure (Server, Database and other related facilities) in our preferred premises
  • We will maintain server, code, database and related IT resources
  • Hosted service
  • We will continuously develop and upgrade features in this model. Client will get many features/updates as free.

Hosting server:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon Quad Core or higher or equivalent
  • Processor Speed: Minimum 3 Ghz
  • Chipset: Compatible with CPU.
  • Memory: 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM Expandable to 24GB.
  • cRAID Controller: Minimum 3/4 ports SAS Controller with 512 MB caches
  • Network Card: 100/1000 bps PCI
  • Power Supply: Redundant Power Supply.


HR Solutions and Employee Management Software is very cheap software for Bangladeshi garments industry