Employee Management System Software
Employee Management System Software

Employee Management System Software for Office

Employee Management System

Employee Management System is very good employee management software for free. Technical support refer by LE Digital Center. Employee Management System have tow parts. One is general employee information entry and another one is advance employee information data entry. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box. You can purchase WP ERP HR Frontend buy Click Here

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  • Basic Data Entry
  • Advance Data Entry
  • Job Profile Entry
  • View Leave Information
  • Notes
  • Performance
  • Permission
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Announcement


Pricing Option 1

  1. Software Cost: Free
  2. Sub Domain Hosting Cost: Free
  3. Installation Charge: 5,000 Taka
  4. Training Charge : 5,000 Taka

Total : 1+2+3+4 = 10,000 Taka

Pricing Option 2

  1. Software Cost: Free
  2. Primary Domain and Hosting Cost: 5000
  3. Installation Charge: 5,000 Taka
  4. Training Charge : 5,000 Taka

Total : 1+2+3+4 = 15,000 Taka

Basic Data Entry

The following data is entered in basic data entry section

  • First Name *: Md. Khondakar
  • Middle Name: Mashiur
  • Last Name *: Rahman
  • Employee ID: 88
  • Email *: masiur@gmail.com
  • Employee Type *: Full Time
  • Employee Status *Active
  • Date of Hire *: 03-04-2019

Advance Data Entry

The following data is entered in advance data entry section

  • Department: IT
  • Job Title: Manager
  • Location: Dhaka
  • Reporting To: Hamid Sarker
  • Source of Hire: Direct
  • Pay Rate: 9000120000
  • Pay Type: Monthly
  • Work Phone: 01817043777
  • Source of Hire: Direct
  • Work Phone: 01817043087
  • Personal Details: Infor
  • Blood Group: O+
  • Spouse’s name: Shamima
  • Father’s name: Khondakar Golamur Rahman
  • Mother’s name: Mehurun Nigar
  • Mobile: 01234555666
  • Phone: 8804994775
  • Other Email: rahman@gmail.com
  • Date of Birth: 20-06-2019
  • Nationality: Gender
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Driving License: Yes
  • Hobbies: Cricket
  • Website: NA
  • Address 1: Loker para Tangail
  • Address 2: Tangail
  • City: Dhaka
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Province / State: Tangail
  • Post Code/Zip Code: 1204
  • Biography:I am working as Digital Marketing Consultant in LE Digital Center, Tangail Dhaka

General Tab Information

General Info show all employee information by default. It is only for view.


In job tab we can set a Employee Status, Compensation and Job Information. Step by step process is shown below with picture

Add or update status: At first we can do this of a employee.

Update Compensation: We can Add or update compensation for an employee

Update Job Information: We can add or Update Job Information of an employee.

Report: We can view the above three


Notes: Anybody can add notes under any employee.

Add Performance Review

This is part of performance appraisal. This section will help to identify performance of a employee.

Add Performance Comments

Add performance comments entry procedure is show below-

Add Performance Goals

Add performance Goal entry procedure


Department is another new extension develop . A pictorial process is show below for creating a New Department


After creating locations it will display in a pages.

Case Study Employee Management System

RECRUITMENT : As per authorized “Man power” requirement, company will recruit its employee(s) through following system:

Circulation: –

1) Advertising in the newspaper(s).

2) Personal contacts by own employee(s).

3) Serving notice/posters in important location(s).

4) Head hunting. (Especially for Executives)                                                

Selection Criteria: –Following qualities of a candidate are examined at the time of selection:

  1. Good physical appearance / fitness

2) Age not less than 18 years

3) Educational background as per job profile

4) Skill test (Practical test for operators).

5) Minimum IQ

6) Wages / Salary negotiation.

7) Joining date.

8) Others,(as per necessity )

Age verification Procedure:-Following documents are required for workers age verification-

  1. Either School leaving Certificate or SSC / HSC certificate where age is mentioned.
  2. Medical Age Estimation Certificate duly provided by a Certified Doctor.

Selection Procedure: –The administrative committee will select all the workers before their appointment. After primary selection a primary selection form must be filled up and all the selected persons must be send for medical fitness and on the basis of physical fitness the committee will give his/her appointment. Finally, the CEO of the company will approve all the appointments.

Joining:-Within 07 days from the date of joining, all new recruits will fill-up the company’s prescribed form and will submit the following documents to the personnel department of the factory office.

1) Job prayer application

2) Two-copy passport size and two copies stamp size photograph

3) Nationality Certificate from Ward Commissioner / Union Parishad Chairman

4. Educational certificates

5) Medical fitness certificate [by the company doctor. If she/he thinks that some pathological tests are necessary than those tests will be done by the applicant (expense will bear by the same) including blood grouping]. Doctor will issue both the age and fitness certificates. 

6) Experience Certificate from previous employer. (If any)

7) Others, (as per necessity)

Service Confirmation: –1) One, completion of 3 months satisfactory probationary period, company will confirm the employee’s service permanently. 

2) Skilled Recruits who fail to show satisfactory performance within this time, his/her probationary period will be generally extended for 1 to 3 months maximum by written notice. If he/she cannot coup-up within this given period then his / her service will be terminated.  

  • During probationary period every employee must be give a temporary card number (in the second month after joining) and a card for punch. After completion of 3 months satisfactory probationary period he/she will be given a permanent card number and a card for punch. All types of card numbers will be unique. Once it is used then that card number will never be used again. In the first month after joining no card number or punch card will be provided. His/her attendance record will be kept manually.
  • Appointment letter, joining letter, workers’ handbook will be provided to the new workers after completion of three months.

FILLING PROCEDURE:HR department will make personal files for all the employees of this company. Following papers must have in this personal file:

  1. Job prayer application
  2. Primary selection approved form

            3)  Two-copy passport size photographs

            5)  Educational certificates

  • Medical fitness certificate [by the company doctor. If she/he thinks that some pathological  tests are necessary than those tests will be done by the applicant (expense will bear by the same) including blood grouping]. Doctor will issue both the age and fitness certificates. 

            7)  Experience Certificate from previous employer. (If any)

  • Photocopy of appointment letter
  • Joining letter
  • Records of confirmation, increment, transfer, promotion etc.
  • Record of any kind of complain against him/her, answers of the complain , copy of  SHOW-CAUSE NOTICE/ Warning Letter
  • Leave records

Latest statement of his/her Provident Fund in Employee Management System Software

About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Top Class Digital Marketing Expert in bd based on Google Yahoo Alexa Moz analytics reports. He is certified IT Professional from Aptech, NCC, New Horizons & Post Graduated from London Metropolitan University (External) in ICT . To Hire his service and Him make a comment in below of any articles, Cell# +880 1792525354

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