Delivery Slip Management System

Delivery Slip Management System Software  have several functionality.  All functionality is important. . To get information it with discount Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box, Cell# +880 1792525354 or  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Major Features

  • Cutting Information
  • Automated Bundle Card Generation
  • On demand Barcode Generation with Integration
  • Automated E Challan for Wash Factory
  • Automated E Challan for Printing Factory
  • Automated E Challan for Embroidery Factory
  • Automated Debit Notes for Wash /Print /Embroidery Factory
  • Automated Penalty Notes for Wash/ Print /Embroidery Factory
  • Barcode is scanned when bundle issuing to Printing
  • Barcode is scanned when bundle issuing to Washing Factory
  • Barcode is scanned when bundle issuing to Embroidery Factory
  • Barcode is scanned when bundle issuing to Sewing Input Line
  • Barcode is scanned when quality check

Print Embroidery Send Data Entry

Print Embroidery standalone module is very vital part of a garment. A user need to enter below in formation

  • Challan No. : Auto Generate
  • Order No. : Or4445
  • Style Name: Sandman
  • Buyer Name: Judge
  • Order Quantity : 7153
  • Cutting Production : 7653
  • Total Send : 7653
  • Total Received : 7464
  • Print Rejection : 168
  • QA Rejection : 15
  • Short Quantity : 6
  • Color Name: Orange
  • Size: XXL
  • Cutting No.: 45
  • Balance:
  • Received Date: 4/3/19
  • Slect Part No: Back Part
  • Total Bundle: 30
  • Parts Quantity : 300
  • Country : China
  • Send Date: 23/12/19
  • Section Type: Embroidery / Print / Wash
  • Factory Name : Mahiur Embroidery Ltd.
  • Factory Address: 32/Mohopur, Islampir, Dhaka
  • Status : Embroidery Chalan Create  
  • Driver Detail: Mr Ruamn
  • Vehicle Details : Pickup 
  • Note: For urgent delivery


Style Order and Date Wise Report

Start Date: 12/12/18

End Date : 14/12/19

Style NameOrder NoBuyer NameOrder Qty Cutting Quantity

Size Wise Wash Print Embroidery Report

SizeColorStyle NameOrder NoBuyer Order Qty Cut Qty RejectOther RejectShort 
SRed2Pk JondanOr45567Celio4000410050500
SGreen 2Pk JondanOr45568Celio4000410050500
SWhite2Pk JondanOr45569Celio4000410050500
MRed2Pk JondanOr45570Celio4000410050500
MGreen 2Pk JondanOr45571Celio4000410050500
MWhite2Pk JondanOr45572Celio4000410050500
LRed2Pk JondanOr45573Celio4000410050500
LGreen 2Pk JondanOr45574Celio4000410050500
LWhite2Pk JondanOr45575Celio4000410050500

Factory Wise Send Receive Report

To FactoryChallan NoDateDriver NameVehicle NoSend QtyRcvd QtyShort
Auto Garments LtdCh000112/1/2019Rahman2345650004500500
Auto Garments LtdCh000212/2/2019Rahman2345650004500500
Auto Garments LtdCh000312/3/2019Rahman2345650004500500
Auto Garments LtdCh000412/4/2019Rahman2345650004500500
Auto Garments LtdCh000512/5/2019Rahman2345650004500500
Big Garmernt LtdCh000612/6/2019Monir4567850004500500
Big Garmernt LtdCh000712/7/2019Monir4567850004500500
Big Garmernt LtdCh000812/8/2019Monir4567850004500500
Big Garmernt LtdCh000912/9/2019Monir4567850004500500


As per line production plan cutting will keep ready for line in put as size wise. Numbering supervisor will be responsible this process. Cutting in charge will responsible to make Challan as per size and color wise for better inputting. Same time cutting in charge will issue assorting numbering sheet for identify all above information to production team.