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Online Vehicle Management System

In vehicle registration form of Online Vehicle Management System Software You can keep all the information related to vehicle which is very easy way to extract data as per requirement of user. Vehicle Maintain form Fuel/CNG. will help you to keep record of each individual cars maintenance history. You can extract monthly/weekly orany kinds of information relating vehicle maintenance.We have largest Garments and Textile ERP software collections in Bangladesh. We sale customized ERP for the apparel factories.  We are agent of some Garment and Textile ERP software company. We will forward you to the best ERP software company based on your requirements.  We are trouble shooter of fashion industrial software like Willcom, Barudan, Lectra, Gerber, iEcho, Datacolor, Shedomaster, Batch, Qc etc. Contact Us

Sometimes it’s been very difficult to keep record related payment of Tax, Insurance and Fitness payment status of a individual cars. Through this form you can easy maintain this related information. If you are using rented vehicle you can keep record of party payments status visa this form. You may use this form for different purpose as well.

Fuel Consumption will help you to keep record of fuel consumption of each car, additionally you can calculate KPM performance of each litter of Vehicle Maintain form Fuel/CNG.

Most of the company does not keep records regarding accidental issue but this information is very vital for the company for further information.

Through this form you can keep related data regarding accidental Negotiation. If you have your won workshop then you can make invoice just by using Billing form Online Vehicle Management System Software

Maintenance Job Card is very important for maintenance of vehicle. This feature will help you to do this Job. Here is the software documentation of “Vehicle Management Software” which might be very productive for your office vehicles to maintain and keep records of various vehicle related issue. Please have a look of few screen shot of Online Vehicle Management System Software

This Vehicle Software will help your organization to keep important records and you can deliver any kind of vehicle related reports to your management according to their desire.

Feature of Online Vehicle Management System Software

The key features of the Software are as follows:

  1. Vehicle Basic Information(Insurance, Tax, Fitness, Route Permit and Number Plate with auto renewal notification)
  2. Vehicle Fuel/CNG Consumption. Day/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Report
  3. Vehicle Maintenance Requisition
  4. Vehicle Maintenance Report. Day/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Report
  5. Billing
  6. Tax/Fitness/Insurance notification/Route Permit
  7. Accidental Case Report.
  8. Spare Parts Inventory Etc.
  9. More modules can be ad as per desire of the clients.

Present Client of Online Vehicle Management System Software

  • DANA Workshop Limited (Maintaining about 175 Vehicles)
  • Independent Television Limited (Maintaining over 73 Vehicles)
  • BEXIMCO Real Estate Division (Maintaining over 15 Vehicles)
  • Hamid Group (Maintaining over 26 Vehicles)

Vehicle Delivery Process in Textile

This is just a refresher of cargo delivery procedure. Please follow the procedure strictly to avoid any possible pilferage/claim. It has been observed that PCS missing become quite regular, thus request you to maintain below strictly.

  • Use covered van only to deliver cargo.
  • Check back side of driver seat whether are there is any whole/door. Make sure there are no door/whole between cargo stacking area and back side of driver seat.
  • Check the truck floor space carefully.
  • Use truck seal (similar to container seal) instead of key lock & Gala and mention the seal number in truck challan.
  • Ask your CHB to verify the seal inside the Damco CFS. (Please note Damco will verify & break the seal in front of your nominated CHB).
  • Do not consol different warehouses cargo in the same truck.
  • Make sure truck door lock is strong (sometimes truck driver open the screw so that they can open the door easily though truck seal is intact)
  • Keep the picture of truck driver, helper, seal, and carton stacking condition once carton loaded into truck and seal is fix in the covered van.
  • Keep photocopy of helper/truck driver license & national ID.
  • Send escort with covered van.


I like to request you to see a presentation of this Online Vehicle Management System Software. I promise, this Software will add great value to your transport department. If your company has more than 10 Vehicles then by using this Online Vehicle Management System Software it will reduce minimum 20%-25% maintenance cost monthly as well as it reduce load of your team members.

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