Digital Marketing Expert Hiring for Growing Sustainable Apparel Business

Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh for hiring and building team is very essential to Grow & Sustain Apparel Business.

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Implementing Sustainable Apparel Business with Digital Marketing

By Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman (CV)
Education: Aptech, NCC, New Horizons, London Metropolitan University (External) and UITS
Experience: 19 Years in RMG Sector
Proven Portfolio: Google, Yahoo, Moz, SEMruras

Cell# +880 1817043086
Date : 01/04/2021

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  1. What is Digital Marketing (DM)
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Content Marketing (CM)
  4. Video Marketing (VM)
  5. Online Visual Marketing (OVM)
  6. E commerce Marketing (EM)
  7. Email Marketing (EM)
  8. Marketing Communication (MC)
  9. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  11. Measuring SEO Ranking
  12. Compare Resource
  13. Compare Pricing
  14. How to Get Success

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1. What is Digital Marketing (DM)

Digital marketing sum of multiple methods of online marketing techniques delivered through traditional and new digital channels such as websites, social media, video, email, search engines etc.

You need not to find customer, customer will find you

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1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Digital Marketing Expert use CRM tools to convert direct, organic, social media visitors into customer.

Visitor Conversion into Customer

Example of Conversion Rate : Few methods of customer conversion by assuming 100 visitors per certain period

No Conversion Method1000% 0
Blog Conversion1001.5%1.5
Website Contents1002%2
eCommerce Marketing 1002.86%2.86
Video Marketing10080%80
Email Marketing 1005%5
Online Chat Conversion10045%45
Get Quote /Ticketing System10045%45

Example Screenshot:


Opportunity: No Competitor in Bangladesh. Applicable to all Business

Docs: Collect technical manuals of CRM Modules from me

2. Content Marketing (CM)

A type of digital marketing that includes the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, article, product information etc.

Quote: – 71% of B2B (Business to Business) marketers use content marketing to generate leads and 93% of B2B (Business to Business) organization says content marketing (CM) generates more leads than traditional marketing.

Guidelines of Content Marketing –

  1. Website Contents
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Blog / Magazine/ News
  4. Content Archive
  5. Of Page Content Marketing

2.1. Website Contents

All web materials such as text, image, audio, videos are treated as content. Example of contents are mission, vision, products, terms & conditions, news, blog post, faq, knowledgebase etc.

Quote: – 98% of the people who visit your website won’t convert.

Guidelines for contents –

  • How to check unique content
  • How to prepare optimized image
  • How to write optimized title of the content
  • How to write optimized meta description
  • How to write optimized body of the content

Example Screenshot:


Opportunity: No competitors in our country. Recommended for all corporate websites

Docs: Collect technical manuals of google image/plagiarism checker & writing tricks during presentation

2.2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a practice of search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find words/ phrase that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. I have researched and listed around 10,000 law difficult keywords, among them 3,000 is active online.

Quote : says organic traffic grow by 21.22%

Garment Factory in Bangladesh1500Law141st Page
Button Attachment Machine2600Law131st Page

Example Screenshot:

Button Attachment Machine for Garment

Opportunity : No competitor in Bangladesh. This tools bring visitors organically to your website

Docs: Collect 10,000 law difficulty keyword from me

2.3. Blog / Magazine

Blogging is a marketing tactic for business to get your product/service more online visibility.

Quote: says customer conversion form blog upto 1.5% through subscription

Guidelines for Blog –

  • How to write with niche?
  • Content spinner! manual vs automatic
  • Plagiarism checker testing before publish
  • How scheduling post sharing in social media?
  • Manual vs scheduling post sharing, which one more effective?
  • Is comment approval on articles is beneficial for us?

Example Screenshot:

Blogging Example


Opportunity: No competitors in our country

Docs: Collect technical manual of corporate blog writing from me

2.4. Content Archive

Content is the king for SEO. Archive press release, news release, media release, video release into your website

Guidelines of Content Archiving-

  • Delete or hide any content/product! effect/ affect?
  • Ensure all content/services/products to visible on web
  • How to reduce broken link?
  • Returning visitor
  • Rank page authority

Example Screenshot:

Opportunity: No competitors in our country

Docs: Collect tips & tricks of contents archive system from me

2.5. Off Page Content Marketing

Off page content marketing is about everything that doesn’t happen directly on your website. It generate backlink which will rank your domain authority. A hyperlink from one web page to another web page /website is called backlink.

Quote :Matt cutts says in for quality natural backlinks. says average cost to buy a link is $352.92 in 2016.

Guideline of Off Page Content Marketing-

  1. Guest post
  2. Web 2.0 blog writing
  3. Forum posting etc.
  4. Search engine submission etc
  5. Social Media Post

Example Screenshot:

Jack and Jones backlink

Opportunity: No competitors in our country

Docs: Collect tips & tricks from me

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing can be defined in digital marketing context as all uses of video contents for promoting a product or service.

Quote: mentioned, having a video on your home page can increase your conversion rate by 80%, according to EyeWideDigital

Few guidelines for Video Marketing-

  • Where & how to set videos in website?
  • Methods of VM
  • Tutorial video
  • Video interview
  • Videos of presentations
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Live streams of program

Example Screenshot:


Opportunity: No competitors in our country. In Bangladesh almost no Channel and very few subscriber scataredly. Bangladeshi freelancer are very expert in this sector

Docs: Collect tips & tricks of Video Marketing from me

4. Online Visual Marketing (OVM)

Online Visual Marketing is the practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase

Few guidelines for online visual marketing-

  • Showcase shipped products details
  • Showcase development products details
  • Showcase embroidery designs
  • Showcase certificate & its log
  • Content security
  • Review analysis
Online Visual Merchandising

Opportunity: No competitors in our country

Docs: Collect tips & tricks of video marketing from me

5. eCommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase

Quote: mentioned, 2.86% Ecommerce website visitor convert into purchase

Few guidelines for eCommerce Marketing –

  • Prior other 99 techniques than graphic visualization
  • Prior organic traffic than ad campaign
  • Is speed optimization effect business?
  • Which hosting server package is fit for your business?
  • How to manage order and sales in store?

Example Screenshot:

Mango Ecommerce

Opportunity: Few competitors in our country

Docs : Collect technical manuals of Woo-commerce, Speed Optimization, Hosting Server Selection from me

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the activities of sending a commercial email to a group of people. It has 2 parts

  • Email subscription
  • Email campaign to targeted customer

Conversion Rate (%) = # of signups or purchases / # of successfully delivered emails X 100

Quote: mentioned, you are sending email as campaign to announce your new product to 10,000 customers who have bought from you before. Of those 10,000 email recipients, 500 clicked through to sign up for pre-order. Your ecommerce conversion rate on that email is 500 divided by 10,000—5%.

Example Screenshot:

Opportunity: No competitors in our country

Docs: Collect technical manual of Mailchimp, Creative Mail, Contact From etc from me

7. Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication can be described as all the messages and media you deploy to communicate with the customers in market.

  1. Online Chat Service
  2. Customer Support Ticketing System
  3. Feedback
  4. Knowledge base / FAQ
  5. Forum
  6. Get Quote

Slide -15
7.1. Online Chat Service

Chat Service helps customers solve their queries via the internet which is done by customer support agents.

Quote: – 45% conversion rate by live chat . is chatbot developer company mentioned arround 50 statistics abut the uses of chat service

Guidelines for chat correspondence –

  • Engages proactively
  • Chat identification number
  • Refer Knowldgebase link to customer to reduce agent time
  • Generate ticket if necessary

Example Screenshot:


Opportunity : Very few competitors. This is recommended for B2C business. e.g. Logistics, Trims, Agro, Dairy, Fashions etc

Docs: Collect technical manuals of Tawakto, Facebook, Chatbot, Online Chat Service etc from me

7.2. Customer Support with Ticket System

Online ticket system catalogues all the interactions that take place between your customers and support team

Quote: 45% of customers abandon an online transaction if their query are not addressed quickly.

Logistics Tickets

Docs: Collect open source technical manual to setup ticketing system from me

Slide -17
7.3. Feedback

Example Screenshot:


7.4. Knowledge base & FAQ

A knowledge base is a library of information about your product or service that helps customers to find answers to solve problems

List of questions & answers relating to a subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website.

Quote: 83% of customer/subscribers need some kind of support to purchase online?

Example Screenshot of FAQ


Docs : Collect technical manuals of Knowldgebae, FAQ from me

8. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media networks to market a company’s products and services.

  • How to choose the right social media based on audience
  • Consistently create engaging content
  • How to set up social media content calendar
  • Invest in video content
  • How to use social media analytics

Quote: mentioned, 37% of consumers find purchase inspirations through social media

Example Screenshot:

Opportunity: High Competition

Docs : Collect technical manuals of Social media marketing from me

9. Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of online marketing that involves the promotional activities of websites to increase their products / services visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)

  1. Bing/ Yandex/ Google Webmaster tools
  2. Bing/ Yandex/ Google Analytics
  3. Competitor rank comparison

9.1. Google Webmaster Tools

At first google crawl then index than rank a page. Being crawled does not mean your page index, being index does not mean your page is ranked

Guidelines for Webmaster Tools –

  • Whats are the meta tags list, should use in optimized website?
  • Which sitemap will be best for business site? WordPress/Google/Yahoo/Bing etc
  • When allow/disallow to Search Engine Bot for indexing and crawling your site?

Example: One year traffic amplitude of my website.

One Year

Docs: Collect setup process of Webmaster Tools of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc from me

9.2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to track website activity e.g. session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc.

Guidelines for Google Analytics –

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Organic/Direct/Referral visitors
  • Source Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube etc
  • Devices desktop, mobile, tablet etc

Example: Multiple Views

Google Analytics Report

Docs: Collect installation process of Analytics Tools of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Alexa, etc

9.3. Measure SEO Ranks of Buyers/Customers

The process of maximizing the number of traffic to a particular website by ensuring that website appears high on the list of results generated by a search engine. Compare website rank of a buyer/customer, you want to work with them

Quote: reporting there are 2,000,000,000 website active in the world. My positioning is 50000 among 2,000,000,000

A matrix of competitor analysis is given below

RankIn BdMeH&MNikiZara
Google IndexBelow 1005.11K229K1.52M4.4M
Yahoo IndexBelow 100 5.24K6023M8M36M
Yandex IndexBelow 100 4.00K45K13M44K
Bing IndexBelow 100 2.36K29.7K4M8.81M
Alexa RankAvg 10M150507393613
Amazon BacklinkBelow 10010015K11K7.8K
Moz DA-PA10-1524-4890-6091-7586-66
Semrush RankAvg 10M2K386561.05K
Facebook LikeBelow 100400039M50M29M
YouTube Subs.Below 100300
Monthly Visitor 105.8M

Comment: Me means my personal portfolio as digital marketing expert .

Docs: Collect technical manual of Google keyword tools, Amazon (Alexa), kwfinder, moz etc from me

11. Project Implementation Cost & Comparison

13. How to Get Success

Guidelines to get Success –

  1. Requirement should come from top management
  2. Audit website by consultant once a month
  3. BPO will responsible for approve & update contents periodically
  4. Head of IT will submit growth report to apex management (e.g. Alexa, Moz, Yahoo, Google Analytics etc )
  5. Business forecasting should do with analytic reports
  6. Visitor conversion report submission for paid marketing
  7. Which tools is suitable for competitor analysis & who should do it?
  8. Work with project management tools
  9. Who will share, like and subscribe content periodically
  10. Who should generate backlink in different method periodically e.g. guest post, forum posting, yahoo answer etc


Digital Marketing Expert Hiring can not growing in a day. So If start later with high investment you will be looser, If you start today roughly you will be gainer. Content age is big factor here. Please find my contact details below of this article.

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