Fabric Coating Machine

This In House Test Method of fabric coating machine which describes the method in which Auto Testing Services Limited carries out the testing in accordance with the above standards.  This operating procedure has been written to complement the above standard and not to replace the standard in part or in full. The correct number of test specimens are to be prepared and tested as specified within this test method in order to achieve a performance assessment of the product/fabric as described within the scope.

Fabric Coating Machine Equipment

  • Roaches Hot Plate
  • Teflon Mask (see note 1 for preparation)
  • Calibrated Thermocouple
  • Standard Seaming Tape
  • Calibrated Timer
  • Calibrated Ruler
  • CRE Tensile Tester (Constant Rate of Extension)
  • Set of 4 Neoprene Jaw faces 75 x 25 mm


The test specimens of  Fabric Coating Machine are to be conditioned in the standard atmosphere of 65% Relative Humidity (RH) +/- 2% and 20°C +/- 2°C for a minimum of 16 hours. All tests should also be carried out in this atmosphere.

Health & Safety

In all cases technicians must use appropriate safety equipment, goggles, gloves, machine guards.  Prior to testing technicians must ensure hands are clean and dry.  Unqualified staff must be supervised.

Preparation of Test Specimens/Materials

  • Check with individual Store Group Procedures for any deviations from this Standard.
  • Fabric should be in a fully relaxed state before commencing preparation.
  • At least 150mm away from the selvedge.
  • Mark out five samples 200 x 75 mm the longest direction parallel to the warp (length) of the fabric.  No two samples should contain the same warp and weft threads.
  • Draw a line in the bottom corner to indicate the length direction.
  • Cut out the samples.
  • Cut off 5 samples of standard seaming tape 200mm long.
  • Switch on the Roaches Hot plate unit.  Set the top plate only to heat up to 150°C 2°
  • When up to temperature check with calibrated thermocouple placing in the centre of the hot plate.  If not correct adjust setting and re-check.
  • Thread tape through slot in Teflon mask.
  • Place on top of coated side of fabric.
  • Line up the tape position with the marker slot at the bottom of mask.
  • Place on a piece of card to ease transportation onto the hot plate.
  • Lower top plate and start calibrated timer for 30 seconds.
  • Remove from hot plate and allow to cool for at least 60 seconds.
  • Gently remove the mask taking care not to disturb the bond of tape to fabric.

 Test Procedure of Fabric Coating Machine

  • If you are using the automatic control machine
  • Check with fabric coating machine operating instruction for setting up machine.
  • Select suitable load cell for fabric being tested (100N preferred).
  • Fit the jaws:-
  • Front – 75 x 25 mm (Neoprene faced)
  • Back –  75 x 25 mm (Neoprene faced)
  • Set safety stops in motion.
  • Set to S.I. units (Newton)
  • Adjust gauge length to 75mm, confirm using a calibrated ruler.
  • If you are using a manual control machine:-
  • Set fabric coating machine speed to 100 mm/min
  • Set chart recorder to 1:1 ratio.
  • Set extension cycling controls:- Minimum 0.0mm and Maximum 200 mm
  • Load range 100 N (this may need to be adjusted depending on the force required to separate the sample from the seaming tape).
  • Calibrate the machine without the sample in the jaws to the chart recorder.
  • If you are using software-controlled machines confirm machine setting are correct according to the above settings.
  • Log onto the computer or stamp the chart and record all the test and sample details.
  • Place the first sample in the jaw with the tape in the top jaw and the fabric in the bottom jaw with the fused section central between the top and bottom jaws.
  • Start the machine and continue until 100mm peel has occurred.
  • Note any samples where fabric coating breakdown occurs.
  • Repeat for the remaining 4 samples.
Test Procedure of Fabric Coating Machine
Test Procedure of Fabric Coating Machine

Assessment/Results of Tested Specimens

  • On completion of all the test samples:-
  • Computerised machine print of the results.
  • Manual machine, remove the chart paper and work out the results as follows:-
  • From each trace calculate the minimum peeling force to the nearest Newton and the median force, when doing this discount the initial peak.
  • Take the mean average for each set of 5 results.
AssessmentResults of Tested Specimens
Assessment Results of Tested Specimens

Reporting Of Results

  • Convert the final results to N/50mm width using the formula below:-
  • Force in Newton’s  Seaming tape width in mm x 50 =x  N/50mm width
  • Ensure all the results are fully completed on the worksheet including any deviations in the test method.

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Prasanta Kumar, Bengalure University, India