How Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software Works
How Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software Works

How Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software Works?

Vicsign Cutting Plotter Software

A professional vinyl cutter also needs an easy and professional vinyl cutting software. Easy Cut Studio is the ultimate All-in-One software to designing, drawing, print and cut all things vinyl. designed for great performance and to support all Vicsign cutters, With the user-friendly interface, users can add the registration marks, and cut images with ease. You can read more about

  1. Auto Garments Cutting Management Information System
  2. Auto Garments Cutting Scan Management System
  3. Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System
vinyl cutter
                          Vinyl Cutter

Vicsign cutting plotter software use true USB2.0 high speed data transmission: No need to install USB drivers, Support USB Virtual Interface Converter. High-precision digital servo DC: High-precision output, lower noise less than 50dB at work. Multi-output interfaces: RS-232C / USB2.0 /SD Card(1-8G)/U Disk. Higher cutting force, 1200g pressure suits for strong strength reflective film and various coated materials within 1mnn. Intelligent & automatic contour cutting function: Automatically scan in a row, Safety precautions

Vicsign Cutting Plotter Specification

Technical ParameterValue
NameVicsign cutting plotter software
StructureDrum type
DriverDigital Servo motor
Positioning ModePrecision electronic Bounded System, random original
Max Paper Feed Width1300/1180/730mm
Max Cutting Width1200/1080/630mm
Max Cutting Speed1200mm/s
Cutting Force0-1000g(Digital adjustment)
Mechanical Precision0.05mm
Repeatable Precision<± 0.1mnn
Workable Pen Number1 pen
InterfacesRS-232C/USB2.0/SD ( 1-8G ) /U Disk
Cache Memory8MB
Programming resolutionDM-PL:0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01mm; HP-GL*2:0.025mm
Cutting modeIntelligent&automatic contour cutting
Display panelLCD
Power SupplyAC110V/220V± 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption50w
Operation Environment10°C – 35°C/35% 75%RH
Workable Environment16t – 32°C/35% – 75%RH
Noise at work50dB
External Dimension1562x342x385/1442x342x385/982x342x385
Shipping Weight35kg/33kg/25kg

Features of Vicsign Cutting Plotter

  • No leaking any liquid into plotter
  • Don’t touch top of cutting blade
  • Use power cable correctly, no bend.
  • No lean.
  • Don’t use plotter when thundering
  • Standard accessory

Assemble cutting plotter:

3.1 1200mm&1600mm plotters have stand, stand is optional for 630mm,330mm plotters has no stand. First lock stand with screws; Put the vicsign cutting plotter in a dry and flat place, connect power supply, USB cable;

Assemble cutting plotter
Assemble cutting plotter

3.2  Install cutting blade as below:

 Install cutting blade
Install cutting blade

3.3 Place the materials in cutting plotter, the steel shaft claw should be fixed on the roller as photo shows:

Place the materials in cutting plotter
Place the materials in cutting plotter

3.4  Buttons:

Buttons of cutting plotter

Off line pause: Offline the cutting plotter, can move the carriage; Pause the cutting plotter when it is cutting;

Origin: Fix the place.

Test: Before cutting, do a test to confirm the blade is installed correctly, the force and speed is suitable for materials;

Mode: Exchange Chinese to English, change blade to pen;

Reset: Reset the files;

Enter: When using SD card to cut, find the exact file, click “Enter” to start cutting;

Direction key buttons: LCD shows speed and force, up and down buttons, increase or decrease speed, left and right buttons change force; Offline cutting plotter, move carriage with direction key buttons;

  • Force and speed:

Cut some thin materials like vinyl, the force will be around 100g,cut thick materials like reflective film, it is about 200g-300g;The speed for step motor vicsign cutting plotter is 0-650mm/s, servo motor cutting plotter is 1200mm/s;

4. Install USB driver

USB driver is optional to install.When install USB diver via USB cable, and the system of computer is 32-bit Win xp/Win7/Win8,should install 32-bit USB driver ; the system of computer is 64-bit Win7/Win8, should  install 64-bit USB driver. When the plotter works without USB driver , should choose “USB_Printer_0” as port in Flexi software.  But select “USB001” as port in Coreldraw plug-in. (Use RS232 cable, no need install USB driver, and the port will be COM1) Print the file, no enlarger or smaller than original file, proportion is 1:1(100%): Place the image in vicsign cutting plotter click “offline pause” button, move the carriage and fix the blade/pen in the area of Mark1, then click “origin” We sale all types of RMG software all over the world including Bangladesh.


Easy Cut Studio

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