Evolution of Human Resource Management

Evolution of Human Resource Management System Software is a integrated great system to store , analyses and administrative information about your job holder. Organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the Management System of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems.We sale and outsource all types of Garment ERP, LAB ERP, Dyeing ERP for your RMG factory with cheapest price. Please contact us

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Project Management System system Scope analysis, time, cost, quality, HR, Communication, Risk and Procurement Management System

System integration analysis

Oracle database core technology products e.g. Database, Applications Server and Development Suite etc

Support and Services on Bespoke applications, Data Warehouse Business Intelligence, IT Infrastructure and DBA  e.g. 24 by 7, onsite, on-call and remote online

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Data Exporting:  Switching customer from Open bravo to other platform we can provide Data exporting from Open bravo to any Other Platform.

Managing Applicant Information

Personal data, Employment history , Education history, Training history ,Extracurricular activity history ,Skill set records, Reference records Import Hired Applicant Directly Into Employee Data

Employee Data

Keeping records of employee personal info ,  Job History ,  Educational , Professional Data ,  Joining Information ,  Promotion and transfer history ,  Equipment , Resource Tracking ,  Promotion / Transfer  history  ,  Benefits Information

Attendance Management System

Tracking daily attendance and Integrating with data from attendance devices ,  Scheduling shifts and managing timesheets ,  Punch In/Punch Out ,  Monthly Attendance Data ,  Employee Attendance Schedule  ,  Daily Attendance Data

Leave Management System

Leave application ,  Approval processes ,  Maintaining leave accounts ,  Controlling Leave balances ,  Tracking Holidays ,  Leave Balances

Payroll Management System

Pay Scale ,  Pay Grade  ,  Employee Salary Information ,  Employee salary Payment ,  Pay Slip ,  Employee Bonus Payment ,  Compensation history, payroll deductions, bonuses, court orders etc.

Employee Training Data

Course and Course Event Tracking ,  Participant Roles ,  Fee Tracking


Company policy and procedures ,  HR Forms

Applicant Tracking

Recruitment ,  Workflow requisition ,  Approval and short listing ,  Finalization and offer ,  Interview and test results ,  Integration with job description

Employee Appraisal

Competencies ,  Goal setting ,  Score calculation ,  Analytics ,  Training Need Information ,  Promotion

Employee Exit Management System

Exit interview details and know the reasons for attrition, ,  Manage final clearance of employee from various departments ensuring that employee has completed all formalities.


KPI Info ,  KPI Assign ,  KPI View daily ,  KPI View Monthly ,  KPI Result Reports ,  Employee Current Status , Employee Attendance


List of Employees ,  Salary Sheet by Cash Payment ,  Salary Sheet by Bank Payment ,  Leave Application Report ,  Pay Slip ,  Bonus Statement ,  Salary Certificate ,  Monthly Employee Attendance ,  Monthly Attendance Details , Monthly Salary Settlement Details ,  Month Attendance Report

Human Resource, Payroll and Time Attendance System Software:

Employee Management System

Keeping records of Evolution of Human Resource Management System Software , educational, professional data, Compensation history, payroll deductions, bonuses, court orders etc, Employee financial information Management System, such as – Loans, Incentives, and Advances, Managing salary structure and making changes to salary records

Employee Promotion and transfer

Leave application and approval processes,End of service and Resign Letter,Leave and Attendance , Management System, Leave Application by Employee Self , Leave Approval By Manager and HR Maintaining leave accounts and controlling leave balances, Tracking holidays, In & Out Time, Shift Information , Employee Assign in shift

Tracking daily attendance and Integrating with data from attendance devices

Payroll Management System , Pay Scale, Pay Grade , Pay Item e.g Basic, House Rent, Transport , Tax etc, Reports, Employee Current Status, Employee Attendance Report,Salary deduction system as per present, Pay Slip, Provident Fund, Employee Salary Setup, Employee Salary Process, Vat and Tax Calculation, Duty Joining Report, Pay Slip, End of Service Settlement Acknowledge, Appointment Letter, monthly Salary Settlement Details, List of Employees, Salary Sheet by Cash Payment, Leave Application Report, Monthly Salary Statement, Loan Report, Salary Report, Confirmation Letter ,Increment Report, Monthly Employee Attendance, Increment Report


Evolution of Human Resource Management System Software research is being conducted by the Department of HRM and Business Administration of different garment Bangladesh in order to pursue and measure current impact and influences of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) on HRM of Bangladesh. This survey will help the researcher  to address  contemporary issues and  current trends of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) as well as better understand operational activities of organization to cope up with this dynamic system to achieve organizational goals.We assure you that the crucial information, which you will provide, will remain confidential and be used for the academic purpose onl. I hope that you will be able to participate in this study and will ensure the co-operation.