Corporate Website & Ecommerce Solutions (Start)

A Technical Presentation On
Corporate Website Ecommerce Solutions
By Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman
Cell# +880 17 92 52 53 54
Creation Date : 01/04/2021

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Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling goods or services using the internet. We are expert on RMG sector

  1. Domain Hosting Registration & Configuration
  2. Hosting Server Security, SSL Certificate & CDN Configuration
  3. Corporate Website Installation, Design Development
  4. Ecommerce Module Design and Development
  5. Image, Video and Speed Optimization
  6. Backup, Restore and Bug Fixing
  7. Digital Marketing with CRM Integration
  8. Digital Marketing with On Page SEO
  9. Digital Marketing with Off Page SEO
  10. Project Resource Comparative
  11. Project Pricing Comparative
  12. Conclusion

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Module 1. Domain Hosting Registration & Configuration

  1. Domain name selection with competitor analysis
  2. Purchase domain from Internationally/ Nationally (Excluding Domain Fee)
  3. Own domain property by using your email address
  4. Verify domain name
  5. Domain privacy
  6. Purchase hosting server shared/ managed/ vps/ dedicated (Excluding Hosting Fee)
  7. Add domain/ addon/ subdomain in hosting server
  8. Server Backup & Migration

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Module 2: Securing Hosting with SSL Certificate & CDN Configuration

  1. Installing and Monitoring SSL/ paid SSL
  2. Create account on cloudflare and configuration
  3. Fix Mix URL
  4. DDoS Alerts & Mitigation of DDoS
  5. Web Application Firewall
  6. PCI Compliance
  7. Image optimization with Polish
  8. Mobile optimizations with Mirage
  9. Cache Analytics
  10. Page rules
  11. Custom SSL Certificate Upload
  12. Global Content Delivery Network (CDN
  13. Bypass Cache on Cookie

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Module 3. Corporate Website Installation, Design Development

  1. WP Installation, Divi Theme Activation & Configuration (Including License)
  2. Header, Menu, Slider & Footer Design
  3. 5 Basic Page Design, e.g About, Home, Policy, News, etc (Payment require for additional pages)
  4. User Registration Self
  5. Disable User Registration Self

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Module 4. Ecommerce Module Design and Development

  1. Product Category Creation
  2. Simple and Variable Product entry
  3. Stock management
  4. 4 Ecommerce pages. eg. Shop, Cart, Checkout, Return and Refund Policy
  5. Product export and import
  6. Product Filtering
  7. Product Cart, Checkout and Order Process
  8. Booking Order Cancel notification
  9. Shipping Method,
  10. Customer Reviews
  11. Create and cancel custom order
  12. Payment Method, Cach on Delivery, bKash, Nagad, Rocket
  13. Account Management with User Role Metrics

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Module 5. Image, Video and Speed Optimization

  1. Image conversion to WebP format
  2. Optimize image size and resolution
  3. Unique image publication
  4. Lossless image optimizations
  5. Full screen carousel gallery
  6. Polish
  7. Fixing Problematic Images
  8. Mobile optimizations with Mirage
  9. Lazy Loading for images
  10. Enable site accelerator
  11. Images in a full-screen carousel gallery
  12. Website Cache Configuration & Management
  13. Minify Java Script, CSS and Unused JS, CSS

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Module 6. Backup, Restore and Bug Fixing

  1. Monthly Backup & Restore
  2. Bug fixing, Protecting Virus, Phishing and Removing Malware (Purchase Pro Plugin)
  3. Downtime Monitoring
  4. Activity Logs
  5. Anti Malware detection
  6. Bruit force attack protection
  7. Backup On Demand, Remote Location, Real Time, Real Time One Click Restore (Jetpack Pro)

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Module 7. Digital Marketing with CRM Integration

  1. CRM Implementations
  2. Visitor to Flower/Subscriber
  3. Subscriber to Lead
  4. Lead to Customer
  5. Email Optin From integration

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Module 8. Digital Marketing with On Page SEO

  1. Installing Yoast/ All In One SEO Tools
  2. Competitor Analysis with Keyword Research and Keyword Score
  3. Verify and Search Engine Submission to Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex, Facebook
  4. Add Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Author etc
  5. Sitemap.xml configuration
  6. Google Analytics configuration
  7. Google Webmaster Tools Configuration and Error Fixing
  8. generated errors removing
  9. Ensure better score in

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Module 9. Digital Marketing with Off Page SEO

  • Facebook Integration with messenger (Excluding Account Optimization)
  • Instagram Integration (Excluding Account Optimization)
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • YouTube Integration (Excluding Account Optimization)
  • LinkedIn Integration (Excluding Account Optimization)
  • Twitter Integration (Excluding Account Optimization)
  • Manual Product Sharing
  • Social Sharing Icons for Products

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Module 10. Project Resource Comparative

Resource varies and depends on CMS/ Framework e.g. Laravel, Codeigniter, Majento, Wordpres and other core programming languages.

Quote: mentioned, 41% of the web uses WordPress

Compare Resource: Below ratio is assumed which can be vary

Laravel, Java, Php etc
1Domain Hosting Registration & Configuration1 IT Officer for 1, 2, 61 Administrator for 1, 2, 3
2Hosting Server Security, SSL Certificate & CDN ConfigurationN/AN/A
3Corporate Website Installation, Design Development1 IT Officer for 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 91 Web Programmer for 3, 4, 7
4Ecommerce Module Design and DevelopmentN/AN/A
5Image, Video and Speed OptimizationN/A1 Graphic’s Designer
6Backup, Restore and Bug FixingN/AN/A
7Digital Marketing with CRM IntegrationN/AN/A
8Digital Marketing with On Page SEON/A1 Digital Marketing Ex. for 8,9
9Digital Marketing with Off Page SEON/AN/A
11Monthly Salary ( WP CMS 2 IT Officer vs Larvel, PHP 5 Specialist)60,000Tk1,80,000Tk

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Module 11. Project Pricing Comparative

By Mashiur TeamBy Developer Company
1Domain Hosting Registration & Configuration1 Week5,000Tk10,000Tk
2Hosting Server Security, SSL Certificate & CDN Configuration1 Week10,000Tk20,000Tk
3Corporate Website Installation, Design Development2 Week20,000Tk50,000Tk
4Ecommerce Module Design and Development2 Week20,000Tk50,000Tk
5Image, Video and Speed Optimization1 Week10,000Tk20,000Tk
6Backup, Restore and Bug Fixing1 Week10,000Tk20,000Tk
7Digital Marketing with CRM Integration1 Week10,000Tk50,000Tk
8Digital Marketing with On Page SEO1 Week10,000Tk20,000Tk
9Digital Marketing with Off Page SEO1 Week10,000Tk20,000Tk
10Project ResourceN/AN/AN/A
11Project PricingN/AN/AN/A
11Total Costing (WP CMS vs Laravel, Java, Php etc)11 Week1,05,000Tk2,60,000Tk

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Module 12. Yearly Maintenance

By Mashiur TeamBy Developer Company
1Domain Hosting Registration & Configuration10,000Tk/Year20,000Tk/Year
2Hosting Server Security, SSL Certificate & CDN Configuration10,000Tk/Year20,000Tk/Year
6Backup, Restore10,000Tk/Year20,000Tk/Year
7Digital Marketing with CRM Integration10,000Tk/Year20,000Tk/Year
3Total Costing40,000Tk/Year80,000Tk/Year

On Demand Maintenance

3Corporate Website Installation, Design Development5,00Tk/Hour2,000Tk/Hour
4Ecommerce Module Design and Development1,00Tk/Hour52,000Tk/Hour
5Image, Video and Speed Optimization1,000Tk/Hour2,000Tk/Hour
8Digital Marketing with On Page SEO1,000Tk/Hour2,000Tk/Hour
9Digital Marketing with Off Page SEO1,000Tk/Hour22,000Tk/Hour

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  1. We will meet to client office 3 days. 1st day for project proposal presentation. 2nd day for requirement analysis, 3rd day for project delivery and training

Additional Features

Framework Design & Development

  • Code base Handover
  • Specify Database Language
  • Specify Back End Language
  • Specify Front End Language
  • Updating Websites Code for latest PHP version

Basic Contents/Pages

  • Additional Pages: Mission, Vision, CSR, Career (Job Management System), History, SBUs, Code of Conduct, Management Profile
  • Top Menu section, Primary Mega Menu section

Product Attributes Form

  • Featured products
  • Product Wish list
  • Product compare
  • Product Tags
  • Related upsell products
  • Ratings & Review
  • Full Screen/Width Slider
  • Right Slider/Banner
  • Brand Wise Filtering, Color Wise Filtering, Size Wise Filtering, Pagination Wise Filtering
  • Content Search, Category Product Search

Account Management

  • Export/Import User List
  • Login
  • Change Password Self
  • User Profile Manager
  • Customer Profile Manager
  • Manage Customers
  • Standard Role metrics
  • Email notification for New User Registration, Email notification for User Password Change
  • User Comments, Notification for User Comments, Moderate Comments

User Role Metrics

Post CreateXYYYYY
Post CategoryXXXYYYY
Post Edit/DeleteXYXYYYY
Page CreateXXXYYYY
Page Edit/DeleteXXYYYY
Products CreateXXYXXYY
Product EditXXYXXYY
Product DeleteXXYXXYY
Product Category CreateXXYXXYY
Product Category EditXXYXXYY
Product Category DeleteXXYXXYY
Product Import/ExportXXXYYY
Product ExportXXXYYY
Main Dashboard/PluginXXXXXXY
Appearance & CodingXXXXYXY

Inventory Management

  • Product Management
  • Product purchase
  • Ajax based cat system
  • Manufacturer Management
  • Sales monthly
  • Quantity level for the products

Order Management

  • Manage order limit
  • Coupons Management
  • Tax Management
  • Validation for double booking
  • Shipping Details
  • Custom Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Local Shipping

Payment Management

  • Manage Invoices
  • Regular price
  • Selling Price
  • Tax Calculation
  • Discount Type
  • Usage limit per coupon
  • Usage limit per user

Digital Marketing Tools Development & Integration

  1. News Letter
  2. SMS/ Email Marketing Development
  3. Social Media Development
  4. On Page SEO Tools Development

SMS/ Email Marketing Development

  • Newsletter
  • Exports Subscriber
  • Mailchimp / Creative mail etc
  • Export Newsletter contacts

Social Media Development

  • Auto Product Sharing
  • Schedule Product Sharing

Backup & Restore

  • Software Installation Log
  • Product Upload Log

Activity Logs for Monitoring

  • File system monitoring
  • Failed login attempts
  • Successful login attempts
  • Activity Logs
  • Order log
  • Product Entry Log
  • Media Log
  • Post/Page Log
  • Site Setting Log
  • Backup & Restore Log
  • Clean Infected files

Frequently Asked Question on Ecommerce

Question -1: If I Add Product by using variation method where I will add 3 different size and 3 different color, my question , how many product will be here ?

Answer: Total Products

Question-2: If I Add Product by using variation method where I will add 3 different size and 3 different color, my question , where I will set stock management?


Question -3: If I Add Product by using variation method where I will add 3 different size and 3 different color, my question , Is SKU will be same or different?


Queation -4:What is Backorder? What is allow / Do not allow / Allow by notify customer?


Our E commerce Contents for Solutions

Optimized Image Format and Size

  • Common mobile screen resolutions : 480×800, 640×1136, 720×1280, 750×1334, 1080×1920, and 1440×2560. The most used resolution is 720×1280
  • Zooming works perfectly with Product images that are 800 x 800 or 1000 x 1000 in size.
  • According to Woo commerce standards : “For best results, upload JPEG or PNG files that are 1000 by 1000 pixels or larger
  • If you’re selling something simple, like a plain t-shirt or pants, use a minimum product image size of 800–1000px wide
UrlImage Size (WxH)FormatBackground×765JPGWhite×600WebpWhite
torrid.com1360×1386JPFAsh×1296, 796×1024JPGYes
trendzbd.com1200×1200, 800×800JPGYes


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