Planning and Scheduling Software

Planning and Scheduling Software – We sale all types of garments shipment software like advanced planning and scheduling software, advanced planning system software, planning and scheduling software etc.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

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Country Wise Shipment Report

Country UnitOrder NoPO NOSize SlShip DateShip By
USA MML C112A889XXLB10/11/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLC10/12/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLD10/13/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLE10/14/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLA10/15/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLB10/16/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLC10/17/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLD10/18/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLE10/19/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLA10/20/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLB10/21/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLC10/22/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLD10/23/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLE10/24/2018Ship
MEXICO MML C112V889XXLA10/25/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLC10/27/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLD10/28/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLE10/29/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLA10/30/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLB10/31/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLC11/1/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLD11/2/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLE11/3/2018Ship
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