Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software System for Garment Shipment
Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software System for Garment Shipment

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software System for Garment Shipment

Planning and Scheduling Software

Planning and Scheduling Software – We sale all types of garments shipment software like advanced planning and scheduling software, advanced planning system software, planning and scheduling software etc. For more information please contact us

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Country Wise Shipment Report

Country UnitOrder NoPO NOSize SlShip DateShip By
USA MML C112A889XXLB10/11/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLC10/12/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLD10/13/2018Ship
USA MML C112A889XXLE10/14/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLA10/15/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLB10/16/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLC10/17/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLD10/18/2018Ship
COLOMBIA MML C112V889XXLE10/19/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLA10/20/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLB10/21/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLC10/22/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLD10/23/2018Ship
United arab emirates MML C112V889XXLE10/24/2018Ship
MEXICO MML C112V889XXLA10/25/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLC10/27/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLD10/28/2018Ship
MEXICO JML C112V889XXLE10/29/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLA10/30/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLB10/31/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLC11/1/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLD11/2/2018Ship
CANADA JML C112V889XXLE11/3/2018Ship
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  • Order Wise Shipment Status Report
  • Color Wise Shipment Status Report
  • Date Wise Shipment Status Report
  • Monthly Shipment Report

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