Buyer and Client Management Systems Software
Buyer and Client Management Systems Software

CRM Manager. Buyer and Client Management Systems Software

CRM Manager

CRM Manager.  Buyer and Client Management Systems Software can be handle by a merchandiser or supply chain department. It will be decide by RMG management. At first our software system we need to create a new buyer with informatin. During crate a new buyer we will provide the below information

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Client Management Systems Entry Form

All Client Management Systems are given below

Create Buyer/Client  

  • Buyer / Client Type : Buyer/ Supplier/ Agent
  • Buyer / Client Name: Full Name of the Buyer
  • Buyer / Client Local Name : This is local name of a Buyer /Client. It may short name          
  • Buyer / Client Entry Date: 05/01/17
  • Buyer / Client Product Category : This is product category of a Buyer /like shirt/pant/ t shirt etc
  • Buyer / Client Branch: Dilhi
  • Buyer / Client Product Sub Category: This is product sub category of a Client
  • Buyer / Client Status : Regular / IRegular etc        
  • Buyer / Client Nationality: Indian
  • Buyer / Client Phone Number: +01812337784458
  • Buyer / Client Mobile Number: +01812388834458
  • Buyer / Client Email:
  • Vendor BIN No. : BIN Identification number of a customer
  • Remarks: if any comments exist
  • Buyer / Client Description : This is descriptive information of a buyer with history  

Buyer Basic Information

In this screen, we will add more information of a suppler company by using , buyer management software

  • Buyer Company Founded on : 09/09/2006
  • Buyer Company Category : Current
  • Buyer TIN No. : Tax Identification number of a vendor
  • Website: Buyer website
  • Buyer Reg. No. : VAT Identification number of a vendor
  • Buyer Relationship: Individual and group

Buyer Contact Information

To minimize vendor risk management our erp software have facility to enter contact details

  • Customer Phone Number: +01812334458
  • Customer Mobile Number: +01812334458
  • Customer Email:
  • Customer Skype:
  • Customer Facebook:
  • Whats app:

Buyer Accounts Information

To minimize buyer risk assessment our system preserve buyer bank information. As we can track payment for future use

  • Buyer Bank: Islami Bank
  • Buyer Account Type: Buyer
  • Buyer Account Number: ASDE344534445545450000009
  • Account Start Date: 10/10/2002

Buyer Address Information

Our Buyer management process software have facility to enter Buyer information. Some example of information is given below-

  • Buyer Country : India
  • Division: Dilhi
  • City : jaja
  • Thana: Thakugoan
  • Dist: /Thakurgoan
  • P.O. : Loker Para
  • Post Code: 1963
  • Section : vill
  • Road : Main road
  • House : 4/1

Order Information

Development No: D009
Product Name: T Shirt
Date of Order: 12/12/19
Supplier Code: S008
Supplier Name: Auto Trims Ltd
Option No: Op006
Product No:P006
Product Description: 100% Cotto
Season: Summer
Customs Customer Group: New
Type of Construction: Fabrics
Blouse – Top-Sleeve less

Terms of Delivery

Transport by sea flatpacked. Terms: Free carrier Chattagram (Direct/via River Terminal/via Rail). Service Provider: Damco. Incoterms

Time of Delivery

11 Feb, 2009: SE (SE-01), US (US-12), CA (CA-18), RU (RU-32), MX (MX-451), ME (ME-550), CO (CO-455)
18 Feb, 2009: NO (NO-052), DK (DK-043), DE (DE-07), DE/ES (ES-143), NL/PL (PL-414), CH (CH-046), TR (TR-248), ID (ID-448)
25 Feb, 2009: NL/BE (BE-08), JP (JP-31), RS (RS-38)
04 Mar, 2009: NL/GB (GB-045), HR (HR-349), IX (IX-645), PH (PH-61), IN (IN-694) 11 Mar, 2009: TH (TH-624

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