Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SCR is stands for silicon controlled rectifier. Silicon controlled rectifier consist by diode and biometric technology. RFID based attendance system maintain attendance policy.  For any queries, please Contact Us.

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SCR 100 is access control system with proximity reader which is also known as EM. It is capable to connect for access control software by Local Area Network or RS232/485 port. It is operated on standalone mode and  data is downloaded by pen drive. In addition, this terminal includes embedded web server software. Access control allows time zones as well as groups holidays sytem, anti passback functions and the relay should be connected for locking or external siren. PG 2750 attendance monitoring system is designed base on RFID card. We also sale HR and Payroll Software for Clothing Industry

It also  includes special port for connecting external proximity reader and it can be used as a controller for external reader using that port. The attendance monitoring system most has been designed with modern and flexibility also our software support to On-line system.  Please read this manual carefully and the user will like to show the system operation on which feature has been implemented for your application.  For more information inquiry please contact with us


Features of RFID Based Attendance System :

  1. Access control is a semiconductor equipment.
  2. It is four layer semiconductor devices
  3. It is EM reader use radio frequency
  4. Stores up to 30000 users and cards
  5. RFID based attendance system stores up to 50.000 log records without PC download
  6. RFID based attendance system device make communication with PC through Ethernet as network access control
  7. Media access control device includes as web server function
  8. Time zones, groups and holidays management
  9. It has USB interface to download log records
  10. Installation procedure of RFID attendance system is very simple.

Functions of RFID Attendance System:

Access Control
Access Control
  1. RFID attendance system support 95% memory warning
  2. Anti pass back system for RAC-900
  3. Able to connect external slave reader
  4. Duress card, duress code, secret duress alarm and silicon controlled rectifier
  5. Memory capacity of biometric access controller is 4,096 card holders / 2,048 events.
  6. Standalone or network operation, expandable to 255 sets.
  7. Limitation of unsuccessful swipe card attempts for RAC-900.
  8. Audio tone facility of  the biometric or biometrics system
  9. Dual function for Access Control
  10. Basic Time & Attendance solution.
  11. RTC ensures accurate time power system.
  12. Biometric technlogy works with rfid attendance system, USB and network access control
  13. Swipe card, pin code and card + pin code access mode, slave reader or exit button .
  14. Able to connect TCP/IP Converter for network system  for network access control for real time alarm notification
access control biometrics
Access Control

Insert Photo:

If you want add personal photo into access control system then, you must scan the personal photo into computer by scanner or digital camera. And then edit by image processing software to suitable size and then save in bmp or JPG format.

Program Holiday Authorization: 

Not authorized during holiday notice, besides SATURDAY and SUNDAY others define must be in real mode.  Allowed authorized during holiday of course, you may change the authorized status under the system.

Download Automatic Attendance Monitoring System :

In such mode, it will execute quote down loading on “ issue date “ or “ validity date” please set auto down loading personal data

Download Manual Attendance Monitoring System :

That is to down load personal data to reader under “Down loading personal data “ of “ set card reader parameters” to manual

Reading Rfid Based Attendance System Data From Readers:

This purpose of this function is for selecting whether collecting the stored data from the reader automatically. If it is enabled for automatic collecting, then, once the system is started, the PC will read stored data from readers. If disabled, then it won’t collect the data from reader automatically.

Communication protocol is defined the card reader’s interface, if the interface is RS-422 card reader and need to match the Multi-channel control transfer the RS-422 into RS-232 then connect with PC. Each channel can connect with 10 sets card readers(reader address is P00~P09), if the interface is RS232 that can connect with PC directly, because each PC just connect with one reader, seldom to use it.  Please select the RS422or RS232 interface through communication protocol as your purchase type.

Set Company Name of Attendance Monitoring System:

This function is setting up the company name, address and telephone no, it will show this data on the button of report list.

Weekend Work and Overtime Policy:

Applicable for: This policy is applicable for workers as well as for staff who work on holidays.

Objective: To let the staffs and workers being aware of the Over Time (OT) rules

Basis: The work load and targets often requires work beyond the normal schedule and sometimes also work during weekends and holidays. As weekends and holidays are rights of the employees, they need to be compensated when these are compromised. And therefore there should be a standard policy to ascertain the rate at which these compensations will be meted out.

Policy: The workers working beyond the standard work time of 8 hours (except the lunch time), will be paid overtime at the rate of double their hourly basic salary, for every hour of work.

  1. The workers made to work on a government holiday which is not declared as a holiday in the company policy will not receive any overtime pay.
  2. Only when a worker is made to work on a government holiday that is declared as a holiday to be given, in the company policy, will they receive overtime pay for all the hours worked on that day.
  3. If a worker is made to work on a Friday or the designated weekly holiday, the worker will receive overtime pay for all the hours worked on that day.
  4. In addition, they will have 1 day added to their leave quota which they can enjoy or they can receive a day’s basic salary as a compensation for that at the end of that work year as per the labor law of Bangladesh.
  5. For staff who work on Fridays or government holidays, they will be compensated at the rate of a specific amount being paid to them as “holiday work allowance” which will be decided in a separate circular. OR, if they choose, they can be given 1 extra day of “compensatory leave” which will have to be availed within the next month or it will be elapsed. If they opt for the leave, (which can be taken on a day that does not conflict with work interest, and therefore depends on management approval), then they cannot take the cash.
  6. AGM and above rank holding persons will not receive any allowance for working on holidays or Fridays but will get an extra day of leave added to their leave quota, as a “compensatory leave” which they have to enjoy within the next month. If they do not avail that leave, then it will be elapsed and it cannot be compensated in money.

As overtime work is costlier for the company than work in normal hours, all effort should be given from all levels to ensure that there is as less overtime work as possible and also that there should be as less work on Fridays or holidays.

Regulations & Procedures: There will be a requisition for workers to work overtime according to section and justification of work load that will have to be submitted by production AGMs, and approved by Production Director and informed to MD and documentary evidence of such approvals on a daily basis will be maintained.

  • Attendance records both manual and software will be there to keep track of total overtime hours served by a person
  • There will be a separate register or form where all workers doing overtime work will sign every day that they do overtime indicating that it is done voluntarily.
  • The accounting software (the accounts department) will calculate all overtime dues according to the records and applying formulas derived from policies.
  • All workers who may still find a discrepancy from their calculated expectation and the payment received, can approach Admin for clarification and if an event is genuinely found to have occurred the worker will be compensated the discrepancy

Responsible Parties: HR, Admin, Accounts.

Communication & Implementation: Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members

  • Also will be explained by HR team members
  • Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference

Exceptions: If any department requires work to be done overtime or on a holiday, special application has to be made to the Director HR & the MD and can only proceed to do it on their written approval. There has to be ample justification for requiring this extra work.

Feedback & Control: The overtime and holiday work is to be recorded through electronic attendance and verified by witnesses or manual signup sheet, if at any time the attendance machine is not functioning

  • HR will cross check the salary sheet against their records.
  • Compliance will also check salary sheet.
  • Workers
  • Admin will investigate into claims of discrepancies

Set Time Zone of Attendance Monitoring System:

This function is used to set the time zone data base once complete setting, the time zone data will be authorized at “door name setting” and for setting authorized time zone at “Clerk Data”. so that can accurately define that some person can be authorized for some time zones and control the access.  Please note that the time zone period can not overlap, otherwise it will confuse the reader, for example, if 0000~0500 is defined as time zone 1 and next time zone will succeed to time zone 1 then it should start at 0501 (not 0500).

Because the reader will implement the authorized access for some specific time zones, according to “OR’ logic. That is if any time period is authorized by one time zone but negate by another time zone, then the authorized time zone will dominate and authorize the access.  For example, if time zone 0100~0500 is authorized and another time zone 0300~0330 is not authorized, then any time between 0300~0330 will be authorized for attendance monitoring system

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