CAP for Time Keeping & Overtime Records

We sale overtime records and Attendance & Overtime Management

Issue  CAP
Noted there are performance evaluation sheets but the system is not in function All workers and staff who have been promoted or salary increased will have their performance evaluation sheet  posted within 12/25
Time Keeping & Overtime records   Noted factory has installed the swipe card system in place. But still factory is maintaining working records by manual time cards the payroll are based on manual entered records . Moreover there are still no arrangements made to connect the swipe system to connect to IPS Swipe card system has been installed and still on trial. The printout of November Job cards, Salary sheet, pay slips will be on trial basis. But the system will be implemented and will go into operation from January, 2006. Swipe system IPS connection will be completed by 13/12/2005
Grace period on in & out timing to be maintained. Grace period of 10 minute is already in practice.
Noticed the factory had no voluntary overtime sheets in place. Sheet introduced and is being monitored.
Payments & deductions Noted at some stages, Factory has delayed the payments to workers. Auto  started payment on time. The Salary & Wages for the month of November started on 12/8 & completed on 12/10
Noted during worker interviews, workers are issued pay slips. But the pay slips are not in the language of the workers.         Pay slip has been changed into local language and more appropriate type will be in practice from January’2006 salary.
Noted the employees are not provided with company handbook containing all rules and regulations. Under process of printing, will be given to workers from 1/1/2006
TOE Item # Issue  CAP
27 Permits Noted lot of permits are not in place, and most of license are not renewed.  Will revert back ASAP on this issue
39 Noted the spot cleaning workers were not trained in the use of MSDS   MSDS in local language already posted and spot cleaning workers had been trained.
50 Health& Sanitation    There were no proper documents in place to prove the first aiders were trained on a routine basis We have already trained the workers from a Company called Gruppo Strazzeri Bangladesh Division & the First Aiders have received the certificates, further more trainings will be conducted from January 2006
52 There are no individual patient records computerized and properly maintained Send for printing and will be implemented from 1/1/2006
53 The drinking water was not tested periodically Will get the report within 12/17
60 Chemical storage & Environment The diesels oils stored were not provided with secondary containment, and there were no MSDS provided. Secondary Containment already made. MSDS of Diesel in local language will be posted by 12/12
62 There were no emergency lights in the storage areas Emergency lights already fitted in storage area.
63 There were no material handling procedure in place    Requesting Haddad to provide one.
65 Non-Hazardous waste storage There is a temporary non-hazardous waste area, where it’s not stored neatly, blocking fire extinguishers, and its cluttered and no smoke detectors were in place. And there were loose wires hanging .Please refer to the pictures attached. Will be constructed by End January, 2006
74 All the floors did not have an evacuation plan for overtime records All floor does have evacuation plan ; 1 per floor, additional one per floor will be added by End December, 2006