Overtime Approval
Overtime Approval Process for Workers

Overtime Approval Process for Workers or Factory

Overtime Approval Process

Overtime Approval Process – The different scales of minimum wages for different grades of workers located outside the EPZ is highlighted in Bangladesh Gazette published under the authority of the labor law and Manpower Ministry pursuant to the power vested under the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961. Factories located in the EPZ follow the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority instruction No.2 of 1989. The Bangladesh Gazette published on Jan, 12, 1994 are applicable for factories located outside the EPZ. We sale Attendance & Overtime Management software …

  • Trainees/apprentices will get monthly allowance. The maximum period of their training shall be three months. After completion of their training they should be upgraded to their respective posts. If overtime work is required to be done; approval of CEO must be taken by the Production Manager or Department Head.
  • Overtime Approval work in all Units is limited to maximum of 2 hours from the end of normal working hour. Total working hours including over time shall not exceed 60 hours in a week (6 days).
  • Number of all person required to do overtime must be mentioned in overtime request form. This form duly filled has to be submitted by Production Manager or Departmental Head to AGM (Admin & HR) by 1:00 pm or before lunch.
  • If, under exceptional circumstance, work is required to be done after 7:00 pm then detailed explanatory statement is to be submitted by Production Manager or Departmental Head to AGM (Admin & HR) by 1:00 pm or before lunch.
  • Hence as the workers are made to Overtime Approval on the production floors the consolidated amount is taken to be basic salary if the apprentice is made to do overtime. AGM (Admin & HR) will send the request form to Manager-WSSC. He will verify and comments that whether the OT hour is justifiable or not.
  • The wages per day should be calculated by dividing monthly wages by 26 days or (208  8 hours) on any given month. AGM (Admin & HR) will then send the form to CEO for final approval.
  • AGM (Admin & HR) will be responsible to acknowledge the concerned Production Manager or Departmental Head about the approval/disapproval of OT request by 03:00 PM.
  • On duty administration officer will ensure that sanctioned overtime is not misused. He also should monitor whether actual overtime and required manpower complies with the approval or not and submit his comments to AGM (Admin & HR).
  • Administrative department may ask explanation from any individual / department if they found that the overtime is not being utilized properly.
  • Under the apprenticeship rules, 1967, section 17 (2) it is mentioned that no apprentices shall be allowed to work overtime unless it is in interest of apprentice training. The factories of Bangladesh undoubtedly cause the workers to work on production lines. Unauthorized overtime will not qualify for payment. Any person allowing such unauthorized overtime will be accountable.
  • The different scales of Minimum wages for different grades of workers for the factories located in EPZ is highlighted in the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority, instruction No. 2 of 1989. Factories in EPZ are allowed to keep apprentices for maximum period of six month after that workers should be upgraded. Overtime Approval Records will be filed and maintained by Administration Department.

As per BEPZA rule basic is calculated at 60% of the wages. The basic per day should be calculated by dividing monthly wages by 26 days on any given month. In addition to the above Minimum wage, each company shall be liable to pay the following additional benefits:

  • Bonus – two months festival bonus in a year equivalent to two months basic.
  • Provident fund, contribution is applicable rate each company as may be determined from time to time. The current rate is 8.3% of the basic pay.
  • Each worker should receive inimum10% annual increase over his gross wages.

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