Welfare Officer
Welfare Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Welfare Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Welfare Officer Duties

Welfare Officer Duties – We sale HR Solutions and Employee Management Software for RMG

  • Welfare Officer -To establish effective communication between management and workers in order to resolve swiftly any and all differences between employer and employee or within the employees to develop the relationship.
  • To work for betterment of the employees. Work with both the employee and employer to ensure healthy and safe work environment for the employee. Duties like this include, improving facilities & services like, medical, drinking water, canteen, toilet, rest area, child care room etc and informing workers of their rights like wages, overtime rates, leaves etc. And communicate and ensure with management that workers are getting these services and benefits properly.
  • To ensure that workers grievances if any are addressed and communicated to the management. factory does not help workers select their representatives from themselves.
  • welfare committee does not meet every 2 months or once a month (depending on local law)
  • meeting discussions and outcome are not recorded accurately
  • Welfare Officer To teach and train new workers about their rights, privileges and benefits. no Worker’s welfare committee formed and no satisfactory workers representation
  • workers are not aware of welfare committee, the meetings and their outcome
  • factory does not have policy about freedom of association & right to collective bargaining
  • factory does not have trade union or selected worker’s representative
  • factory has not established a worker’s participation committee and formation has not been documented
  • role of workers participation committee is not clearly defined
  • written grievance handling procedure is not available and workers are not aware of their rights

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