Controlled Access Policy During the Shipment

Door access control panel : The new additional requirements of Access Control from the Auto are gradually solved at more factories. As of today, When the container enters in to ASL premises then the Security personal check the container by 7 point Container Inspection Process which is:( Details in- Point Container Inspection Policy in SSL)

  • Outside/Undercarriage.
  • Outside/Inside Door.
  • Right side
  • Left side.
  • Front Wall.
  • Ceiling/Roof
  • Floor (inside)

The remediation work on fire and building safety of RMG sector factories in Bangladesh is continuously showing progress suppliers have remediated 87% of original issues which were identified in Auto’s initial assessments, whereas general remediation progress of original issues in all Auto listed factories is 77%.

And there make a boundary to the container, no outsider is allowed to enter within the 30 feet circle of the loading area & the security person patrol duty till to make final seal to the container.

During the loading for shipment the security & store personnel keep strict observation so that  no unauthorized material can enter in to the container or into the goods

The finished goods are carried from the packing room under he instructions of packing supervisor to the container by the in-house loaders. (& by temporary loaders, if needed) . The authorized person seals container after loading of the goods. This is good achievement and it shows that RMG industry in Bangladesh is much safer than before Auto agreement was signed.

Another achievement in current Auto is establishing OHS committees in factories and Auto is conducting OHS training programs in these factories to secure functionality of committee which plays a key role during remediation plan process and keeping fire and building safety standards in factories. So far 160 factories approved for H&M have joined Auto’s OHS committee training program.

We have observed good improvement in Bangladesh RMG industry through initiative. Though good improvements have been made, there are still some issues to be remediated.  It requires specialist knowledge, availability of international safety equipment and the necessary technical know-how. Due to this reason H&M has decided to continue with Auto to secure completion of 100% of remediation plans; at the same time, we also we would like to ensure that a competent national regulatory body takes over the responsibility of implementing fire and building safety standards in Bangladesh RMG industry. This is short policy of door access control panel