Where to Find Employees and Hiring Procedure
Where to Find Employees and Hiring Procedure

Where to Find Employees and Hiring Procedure

Where to Find Employees

  • Where to Find Employees – Personnel department maintains the personal files of all personnel, which includes their bio-data, academic certificate, job contract, previous experience history, joining letter, credentials, and disciplinary action records and training records etc.
  • As per as firing is concern company follows local labor laws under its all terms & conditions if the employees or management either one or both party required for separation which are as follows:
  • Termination: 120 days written notice to be given to the employees if any employees are no more required for the company.
  • Dismiss: Termination of workers due to misconduct proved through proper procedure.
  • Discharge: Termination of workers not for misconduct but inability due to continuous physical or mental unfit.
  • Retrenchment: Termination of workers not for misconduct but redundancy for a particular department / section.
  • Resignation: If workers / employees required separating from employment to be given 30 days notice prior to leave.
  • Retirement: If the workers age exits 57 years may undergone retirement but if the workers are physically & mentally fit and having willingness to work management may extent their service.
  • It is obligatory to return company’s all assets like identity card, job card, dress (security personnel), scissors etc. to store for  clearance (incase of not  return company may go for legal advisor)
  • The job requirements and specifications for a particular position i. e. minimum qualification, experience, physical & mental requirements related to the job positions are defined.
  • The requirement for any hiring is identified by concern departmental head and who is communicate to the Personnel department & Admin department in writing to hire personnel for such requirements.
  • Manager (Personnel)reviews and assesses the legitimacy and validity of the new hiring and makes recommendation for new hiring. The requisition is then forwarded to Director Operations / Managing Director for approval of new hiring (Executive & Above). After having approval from them, Personnel department circulates the positions on the newspaper for filling the existing vacant.
  • The positions below the rank of executive’s factory Personnel Department (Manager Personnel) in consultation with the management arrange recruitment of new personnel in the factory.
  • Sometimes the positions are advertised in the local newspapers or circulated by other means and normally personnel come to the factory gate for searching a suitable job. In addition, personnel having any reference may be directly contacted. The candidates are asked to submit their CV / Bio-data.
  • The Where to Find Employees are interviewed by the designated panel / or some time by any member of the panel, as decided by the management. If the candidates is found fit for the intended post / job then Personnel Manager settles terms and conditions with the selected candidates and issues them appointment letter.

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Conclusion -=Where to Find Employees

The candidates are initially hired on temporary basis for at least 3 months probationary period after which his / her performance is reviewed and assessed by their departmental head. In case of satisfactory performance they are hired on permanent basis.

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