What is Hoover Side Impeller Apparatus for Garment
What is Hoover Side Impeller Apparatus for Garment

What is Hoover Side Impeller Apparatus for Garment?

Hoover side impeller


Impeller method has been developed as there are no national or international standards for this test at the present time. Read about Employee Management System Software Free/ Premium


To determine the durability of prints, pigments, flocks, motifs and add-ons, for the lifetime of the garment.  


A finished garment or fabric specimen of specified minimum size is subject to a prolonged wash in a Hoover side impeller or Durawash washing machine.  It is assessed against an untreated specimen for deterioration in appearance.


  • Hoover side impeller, top loading, non- automatic washing machine (single or twin tub), 40 litre capacity.  or  Durawash
  • ECE detergent/sodium perborate
  • Polyester makeweights (ballast) as specified in BS EN 26330
  • Grey Scales for assessing change in colour BS EN 20105 A02
  • Veri-Vide light cabinet (or equivalent) with lectern
  • Thermometer
  • Timer
  • Overlocking sewing machine
  • Balance


It is not necessary to condition the samples nor carry out the assessment or testing in a standard atmosphere. Ordinary room conditions are satisfactory so long as the correct procedure is followed.


Cut at least one specimen for testing (minimum size 300mm x 300mm of fabric, or one complete garment plus duplicate for comparison). Complete garment to be tested where possible.

Overlock any raw edges of woven fabric to prevent fraying.


  • Fill the washing machine with 40 litres of clean water & heat to 40+/- 2 degrees C
  • Add 160g ECE detergent/40g Sodium Perborate and run the machine for two minutes to dissolve the powder.
  • Add the test specimens, made up to a total 1kg load with polyester makeweights  (ballast)
  • Run the machine for 15 minutes, remove test specimens, rinse once in hand hot water and once in cold water to remove any surplus detergent, spin to extract excess water
  • Flat dry specimens in dry air not exceeding 60 degrees C


Report the numerical grade recorded together with the reason for any down grading. General deterioration in appearance, loss or change in shade, delamination etc.


Where all assessments are satisfactory the overall result of satisfactory is to be given. Polyester makeweights must be thoroughly cleansed between tests to ensure no contamination.

Defect Recognition and Consistency

At Auto  Sportswear, we strongly believe that one of the more effective ways to establish consistency in classifying defects, is to hold frequent Major / Minor exercises. These sessions are a review of selected garments with marginal defects. Inspectors rate the defects privately and the QC Manager leads a recap discussion with the group determining how each should be classified: major or minor.

Group discussion should be encouraged and all QC Inspectors should participate, including Piece Goods Inspectors. By sharing with and observing from one another, Factory Inspectors will begin to think more alike.  Improving Inspector consistency throughout the factory and becoming consistent with the Auto  Inspectors, will save needless failures. This in turn will save time and money.

This is a valuable and quick exercise that the factory should hold routinely throughout the year.

Exercise Leader Instruction

Complete Major / Minor Session with factory example garments and inspectors completing the Defect Tally Sheet. Lead class discussion and get consensus on each garment.Have students participate and use the defect standards to classify each defect.

Defect Standards Library

In addition to the Major / Minor Sessions, the factory QC management should maintain a Defect Standards Library to train factory personnel and to assist QC Inspectors in determining acceptability of challenging problems. The library should be made up of major and minor defects that primarily set the standard or limits for acceptability.

To assist in the establishment of this library, we’re providing you with a copy of a collection of fabric defects and common quality sewing problems. End of Impeller article

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