Industrial Engineer Duties and Job
Industrial Engineer Duties and Job

Industrial Engineer Duties and Job

Industrial Engineer Duties

Industrial Engineer Duties – Make the operation bulletin. Make the Line Layout. Setup the Manpower. Setup the Machineries. Setup the Machine attachment guide, folder  and others. Pre -production Plan for Line. Line Target fix up. Improve the Line monitoring system. Improve the quality monitoring system. Improve the I.E Monitoring system. Improve the supervisor & Line Chief Monitoring system. We also sale Employee Management System Software Free/ Premium

Industrial Engineer Duties List

  • Implement the “Work measurement and Productivity Evaluation” systems, to know the currant level of performance (Baseline), and provides proposal where it should be with the current resources and implement it.
  • Implement the “Motion and Method study” systems, to simplify and reduce the time of process to effectiveness and cost reduction.
  • Practice the “Cross Functional Approach” to identify and remove the process barriers.
  • Track the Progress through Measurements in the BRT (Barrier removing team) and CFT (Cross functional team), to achieve the improvements (Initial Entitlement
  • Involving day-to-day line balancing due to absenteeism.
  • Conducting operator training program & providing training manual
  • raining activities test papers etc.
  • Maintain operator-grading system.
  • Maintain operator skill inventory.
  • Conducting operator motivation program.
  • Doing activity sampling.
  • Implement new work study
  • Prepare factory daily schedule.
  • Follow up the factory production and efficiency.
  • Calculate cost per minute.
  • Find out style SMV by time study.
  • Maintain the schedule of Industrial engineering department.
  • Production planning and control.
  • Solve the bottle neck problem.
  • Improve the individual process production.
  • 10. Prepare necessary reports of Industrial engineering department.
  • Analysis the existing lay out
  • 2.Capacity study
  • Find out the capacity gap
  • Do the activities sampling for sewing percentage.
  • Production flow up in bottleneck operation.
  • Method study
  • Find out the method gap.
  • Incentive scheme based on individual efficiency.
  • SWOT analysis
  • Productivity improvement project on RMG factory
  • Supervise factory efficiency
  • Improve the operation target
  • Find out the bottle neck operation line
  • Study the production skill assessment of the operator
  • Method engineering.
  • Identify the best method of doing the job.
  • Reduce the fatigue of the workers by avoiding unnecessary movements.
  • Improve productivity that is more valuable output from every unit of input (money, Time Land & energy)
  • Improve utilization of recourses (Man, Method, Materials & Machines)
  • Provide opportunity to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.
  • Help train operator by standardizing methods.
  • Quotation making and dispatching
  • Order receiving and schedule preparing
  • Shipment schedule preparing
  • Preparing production planning and executing in floor
  • Making correspondence to home and abroad
  • Assembly line balancing
  • Machine wise manpower setting
  • Work method and process development
  • Wastage reduction and productivity improvement
  • Selection of new equipment to reduce production time and improve process
  • Proper operation of sewing m/c, heat cutting m/c, automatic and semi-automatic machines to ensure product quality
  • Responsible for cutting section
  • Man and machine allocation as per requirement of job
  • Job scheduling according to emergency
  • Work method and process development
  • Wastage reduction and productivity improvement
  • Have to communicate with other Departments for smooth flow of operation
  • Proper operation of straight knife, vane knife and spreader to ensure product quality
  • Preparation of isometric drawing, orthographic views and detail working drawings of product.
  • Preparation of production planning documents.
  • Machine wise manpower planning and work scheduling.
  • Designing and manufacturing of system furniture as per the layout approved by customer.
  • Man management and quality assurance.
  • New ideas to product improvement and documentation making.
  • Study operation and find out bottle neck
  • Assembly line balancing
  • Initiate JIT production
  • Productivity Analysis and improvement.
  • Production planning using ERP Software (SAP).
  • Production Management
  • Technical and Mechanical assistance for Production Floor
  • 3M (man-machine-material) management for optimum productivity.
  • Productivity Analysis and improvement.
  • Production Planning.
  • Production Management.
  • Production and Layout Design and Line Balancing.
  • Quality Control.
  • Sewing Research and Development.
  • Technical and Mechanical assistance for Production Floor.
  • Machine Promotional Activities.
  • Inventory Planning.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Holding International Seminar Frequently.
  • Holding Factory Study; In-house Training & Seminar; Yearly open Seminar Nationally.
  • Market Research and feedback R&D team for product development.
  • Production Planning & Controlling.
  • Make Garment’s Operation Breakdown.
  • Machine Layout Setup by Work Study System.
  • Line Balancing System Setup.
  • Find out Garments SMV
  • Set Target (Line + Factory).
  • Efficiency calculation (Line, Factory Cutting & Finishing with Incentive Bonus System)
  • Production & Manpower Evaluation.
  • Garment’s Costing Find out.
  • Break Even Efficiency Find out.
  • Garments Consumption.
  • Method of manufacturing.
  • Method Improvement for Reduce Unnecessary Working Hours & Hand Workers.
  • Arrangement of Plant And Machinery.
  • Arrangement of Work Station.
  • Proper Uses of Equipments.
  • Time Study.
  • Activities Sampling.
  • Analysis of Past Records & Improvement.
  • Find out Bottle Neck & Solution.
  • Find out Cutting & Finishing S.M.V Efficiency Report, Make Layout & Set Target.
  • Quality Controlling.


Industrial Engineer Duties are to Find out the bottleneck operation and improve it. Guidance about Line blanching and improve the production. Alert to maintenance for machine breakdown & instruction to improvement. Improve the floor & Line in varmint. Improve the Cutting, Sewing  & Finishing productivity. Improve worker-recruiting system. Efficiency & Non productive time monitoring in the Factory.

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