Business Card Policy and its Terms and conditions

Business card policy

Business Card Policy – (Company Name) will provide all its employees with visiting cards. These should be used when ever the employee is officially representing the company and in no other cases. We sale Employee Management System Software Free/ Premium

Terms and conditions for business card policy

  • A new employee will receive visiting cards after his confirmation period.
  • The visiting card will give information about name, designation, mobile number and (Company name) email ID.
  • If the employee do not wish his/hers private mobile number to be stated on the visiting cards, he/she should inform the administration before the confirmation period has ended.
  • Employee’s designation (as mentioned on the appointment letter) will be mentioned on the
    business card policy .
  • In case of a promotion or change in designation new
    business card policy will be distributed.
  • Exceptions to the above terms and conditions can be made at the discretion of the Director(s).

Promised Modern Bangladesh and the young generation

A digital society ensures an ICT driven knowledge-based society where information will be readily available on line and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and also private spheres will be processed using the state of the art technology. So, a digital Bangladesh must guarantee efficient and effective use of modern ICT in all spheres of the society with a view to establishing good governance. In other word, making Bangladesh a digital one, we have to establish technology driven e-governance, e-commerce, e-production, e-agriculture, e-health etc. in the society emphasizing the overall development of the common people, the major stakeholders of the country.

 Due to globalization, more specifically due to booming of ICT like most of the countries on the globe, Bangladesh has already been connected with the outside world. Yet in the field of ICT, our only grand success lies in Mobile telecommunication which has brought an abrupt change in telecommunication scenario of the country. However, in the other spheres of ICT, our achievement is very insignificant and we are still far away from transforming ourselves into a knowledge-based society.

 Building strong ICT infrastructure is the pre-requisite for making Bangladesh a digital one. For this, we need to focus on the following relevant issues assessing the harsh reality that hinders our development in this context.

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