Control of raw material

Raw Material -For sub-contracting, the contractor have to warn AUTOGARMENT when he meets problems with the raw material during the knitting or the weaving. He can refuse to use a defective yarn. He have also to warn AUTOGARMENT about problems concerning the consignment of the yarn. If he doesn’t do that, he is responsible for using this yarn. Read more about Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software

Control of the settings

The sub-contractor or the supllier have to assure the regularity of the settings of the machines, for all the AUTOGARMENT orders.

Inspection of the undied pieces

The inspection is conducted so as to repair the following faults :

– holes – lineage
– stains – thickness
– faults – coarseness
– snags – defect in surface finish
– loose cottons                                – not uniform  

This list is not exhaustive. The accounting of the faults must be calculated according to the method of the “ AUTOGARMENT points ” through duplicate faults or through the number of faults. A fault must be considered with regard to its enormity and its impact on the use of the manufactured product. An evaluation of the faults will be made in accordance with  the table below.

Length of the fault Demerite points
Less than 3 cm 1 point
between 3 and 20 cm 2 points
between 20 and 50 cm 3 points
More than  50 cm and cuts 4 points

Tolerance limitations :

The maximum number of demerite points per linear metre is fixed at 4, whatever the number of faults.

There can not be

  • – a 4 point fault in the first 3 and the last three metres of the length
  • – 3 and 4 point faults within three metres of each other
  • – a hole of more than 3cm (= 4 demerite points)
  • – more than 2 holes per 50 metre length
  • – any fault meriting 4 demerite points which continues through 1.5metres.
Désignation Acceptation limits (for a length of  100 m and a width of 150 cm)
100% natural fibres or a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres 30 demerite points and/or  12 faults
100% synthetic fibres 25 demerite points and/or 10 faults

For other lengths and widths , the tolerance will be proportional.

Frequency of control

One piece by machine and by team have to be inspected at least. When a default is detected, the others pieces have to be inspected, to find the source of the problem.