Supplier Quality Assurance

Purpose – Supplier Quality Assurance

Supplier Quality Assurance Procedure -The purpose of this procedure is to confirm actual bulk ratings for pilot and bulk components with the production unit to ensure correct amount of raw material is available for each contract and accurate costing are maintained. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the company receives products from suppliers that consistently comply to specified requirements. We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software ..


This procedure applies to all products supplied to the company (UK and Offshore). This procedure covers all pilot and bulk components.


It is the Responsibility of the Merchandise Manager / Fabric Technologist to ensure that the suppliers from whom products are purchased are governed by the supplier appraisal system. It is the responsibility of the Financial Accountant, Operation Manager, Merchandising Manager, Pattern Technical Manager, Cutting Room Manager, Senior Industrial Engineer & Merchandisers to ensure the implementation of this procedure.


The information for these assessments is collated by the Merchandise, Finance, Factory, Fabric Technologist Design and UK Head Office Team.

  • In each of the above categories there is a scoring system based on certain criteria.
  • The Merchandising Team issue an actual rating Confirmation sheet to production unit and request return within 1 month of style going into bulk production.
  • Inspecting the pilot run products for visual, construction and measurement problems.
  • In case of any regular measurement problem, checking the patterns.
  • Informing Quality Manager about problems found in the pilot run product and suggesting solutions.
  • Discussing various complications, this can arise during production, with Quality Manager.
  • Auditing every P.O (Shipment) of packed garments for visual quality, packing and measurements as per the. Standard set by the company or as per buyer’s standards
  • In case of failure of any shipment, to discuss it with Quality Manager and to decide about the further course of action required for correcting the quality problem.
  • Deciding and informing area in charges about the preventive action to be taken by them in next running orders of the same style, as the problem found in the packed shipment during final audit.
  • Discussing the problems found in the packed shipment with Quality Manager.
  • Discussing the various ongoing problems with buying house Q.C to find out solutions and quality standard requirements of buyer for a particular style.
  • All confirmed ratings are to be returned direct to costings department for assessment.
  • Twice a Year the supplier is assessed by the head of purchasing against each of these criteria for each of the four categories and a total score is awarded.
  • On totalling the overall score for each supplier, a vendor rating result is published detailing at which point on the vendor-rating table each supplier is Supplier Quality Assurance Procedure
  • The supplier will be categorized under the number of transactions that have been carried out during that assessment period

Cutting Quality Control

  • The spreading of the fabric in cutting is audited by the Cutting Q.A randomly for all the layering and marking problems like problems in table marking, marker placing, ends, splices, narrow goods, leaning, tension, counts, remnants, fabric flaws etc. Report of the same is made and discussed. Refer spreading Quality Control Format
  • Bundles f cut pieces are checked randomly by the Q.A (Cutting) as per auditing system for all the cutting defects like miscut, matching plies, ragged cutting, notches etc. Report of the same is made and discussed. Refer to Cutting Quality Control Format


Supplier Quality Assurance – Once the result is published, where possible, suppliers are called to the purchaser’s premises to discuss their ranking and corrective actions to improve their positions must be agreed and documented.