How to prepare the roving inspection record sheet:

  • Obtain a copy of the Roving Inspection manning
  • Write down which week this sheet will be used for.
  • Write down, which line this report, is going to be used for.
  • Write the operation names in the first column, leaving rows for as many operators as have been allocated and 2 more for operators who are moved to this operation for balancing purposes.
  • Write the names of the operators allocated against their operations.
  • After the space for each operation draw a horizontal line across the ‘operation’ column and across the ‘analysis by operation’ column. We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software

How to complete the roving inspection record sheet:

  • Total the number of faults for the week for an operation, excluding clearance checks. Write this under the ‘faults’ column.
  • Count how many times that operator was visited for that operation, excluding clearance checks. Multiply this by the lot size and write this down under the ‘sample’ column.
  • Divide the number of faults by the sample, multiply by 100 and enter this for the for the operator.
  • Add up the number of faults made by all the operators for an operation. Enter this in the ‘faults’ column for the operation.
  • Total the samples for all the operators who did that operation. Write this number as the sample for the operation.
  • Divide the number of faults by the sample, multiply by 100 and enter this for the for the operation.


By performing a comprehensive Packing Integrity Roving Inspection either during in-line, pre-final or final inspection stages, we can detect errors caused due to incorrect trims (style, size or color), incorrect garment size/color assortment or incorrect carton marking and labeling, so that the end product reaches the customer efficiently and without the need to perform extra handling thus saving time and money.


COUNT- To verify the quantity of units within a size and/or carton is correct to specifications.

ACCURACY- To verify the accuracy of trims and labeling within a garment and that of which is marked/labeled on the carton


A packing integrity inspection must be conducted on all Purchase Orders (PO). During the Packing Integrity Inspection, the entire PO must be completely packed. Packing list must be on hand to perform such Roving Inspection. All carton numbers that have been selected for the random inspection must be marked on the inspection report

While selecting cartons, ensure to place a signature across the top opening of carton while making sure that the same cartons are brought into inspection area. Have the PO and Final Inspection detail Check-List on hand to perform the Packing Integrity Inspection. After review of performance of the factory, the inspector may be asked to switch back to Reduced Level Sampling Plan.

It is imperative that the factory arrange all cartons in single or double row with carton number facing out, so that QA can view the carton numbers. Factories are not allowed to arrange cartons with carton number facing inwards. Factories are not allowed to arrange cartons in triple or quadruple rows for Roving Inspection.