Buyer Check List

Buyer Check List – The hundred percent export-oriented RMG industry experienced phenomenal growth during the last 15 or so years. In 1978, there were only 9 export-oriented garment manufacturing units, which generated export earnings of hardly one million dollar …

Buyer Check List Documents:

It was also the first hundred percent export-oriented company. It had about 120 operators including 3 women trained in South Korea, and with these trained workers it started its production in early 1980. Another South Korean Firm, Youngones Corporation formed the first equity joint-venture garment factory with a Bangladeshi firm, Trexim Ltd. in 1980. Bangladeshi partners contributed 51% of the equity of the new firm, named Youngones Bangladesh. It exported its first consignment of padded and non-padded jackets to Sweden in December 1980.

  • Last 03 months payroll Record for Buyer Check List
  • Last 03 months Time Cards…
  • Maternity Leave Register & Last File of Maternity Leave.
  • Leave Register.
  • Fire drill Register.
  • Fire Fighting & First Aider Training Register.
  • Health & Safety Committee & Register.
  • WWC Committee & Register.
  • Personal file (list given after checking salary records & floor visit).
  • Chemical Safety Training Register.
  • Grievance & Disciplinary Register/Policy.
  • Policy of
  • Waste disposal.
  • Environment.
  • Energy Reduction.
  • Chemical Handling (If applicable)
  • Machine Maintenance Register.
  • Broken Needle Register.
  • List of Hazardous materials
  • Accident Register
  • Medical check up report (for sand blasting workers)
  • List of Fire Equipments, No. of Toilet (Both Male & Female) / floor.
  • We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software

Audit is passing marginally for workmanship

  • Quantify the type of defect found by category/sub-categories.
  • Identify the sizes and color that are affected by each category/sub-categories
  • Perform an expanded audit and check a larger sample size for that size or color by using the AQL plan, such as 20, 32, 50 pcs per size and/or color etc.
  • Take decision appropriately for that size and/or color based on the sampling plan.
  • Based on this you may reject for –
  • one size or color for factory’s 100% inspection, or
  • multiple sizes or colors or
  • the whole order.
  • Ensure to document the sample size and quality of defects for both the initial audit and the expanded audit.


Value chain is a form of identifying ways to create more customer value. The firm’s success depends not only on how well each department performs its work, but also on how well the various departmental activities are coordinated.

  • Factory trade license.
  • Factory license.
  • Fire license.
  • Boiler license.
  • Boiler Operator.
  • Competency certificate.
  • Group Insurance copy.
  • Building Approval Map.
  • Chemical list (if any).
  • Drinking water test report.
  • Waste water test result

Additional Job Requirements

The linkage between different activities is crucial for corporate success. The linkages are flows of information, goods and services, as well as systems and processes for adjusting activities. Their importance is best illustrated by the Limited. For example –

  • At least 5 years working experiance in the field of law, justice and human rights, working with bilateral, multi-lateral, international or non-government organization will be an added advantage.
  • Project management with proven skills on implementation, monitoring & evaluation and stakeholder consolation.
  • Working experiance for the rights of tribes, minor races, ethnic sects and communities especially in the region of Chittagong Hill Tracts.
  • Strong communication skills in English with report-writing
  • Thorough knowledge of socio-economic context and well conversant with the management system of people’s legal rights and remedies
  • Ability to prepare analytical report for internal or external stakeholders.
  • Adequate computer literacy to efficiency use of MS word, Excel & Power Point.
  • Excellent understanding and experience of risks, programs, financial and operational management processes.
  • Excellent inter-personal, communication and representation skills.

Spec Measurment

By performing a spec measurement audit, we can ensure that the garments measures correctly within the accepted tolerance. Use the Point of Measure guideline shown in the Vendor Manual under Technical Design section to follow the procedure for measuring.The following 16 points are considered critical points of measure for all products. Use these criteria when measuring tops and bottoms-

  • Collar circumference- button to button hole for woven and neck width for knits.
  • Minimum Neck stretch (knits)
  • Chest
  • Across Shoulder
  • Armhole
  • Cuff Opening (for long sleeve)
  • Sleeve Length
  • Body Length (woven) & from high shoulder point (knits)
  • Waist (+ waist stretch for elastic waist)
  • Seat for Buyer Check List
  • Front Rise
  • Back Rise
  • Fly J stitch length or Fly opening length
  • Thigh
  • Inseam
  • Leg Open
  • End of Buyer Check List