Quality System Audit

Quality System Audit – Select 5 garments at random from the packed goods and bring them to clean, clear and well-illuminated table.

  • Check the garments one by one and record nature and number of efects classified under 3 categories :
  • A – critical
  • B – major
  • C – minor
  • Calculate the DHU (defects per hundred units). Record this.
  • Enter the Weekly Quality System Audit Summary.
  • Discuss the quality issues specifically with the production manager.
  • The auditor is normally the senior-most person in the factory.
  • The auditor is estimating the defects missed. The efficiency of the quality system is the defects found by the line checkers expressed as a percentage of the total defects (got from the in-line sampler or the sum of the defects found & the defects missed).
  • The efficiency of a line checker can also be calculated by doing a quality audit on pieces passed by her. We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software


There are three types of inspection that must be conducted during a final inspection-

  • Workmanship Quality
  • Spec Measurement
  • Packing Integrity (which consist of two checks called the Count and Accuracy Quality System Audit )
  • All three inspections must be conducted when a PO has been packed completely (100%).
  • A Packing List (P/L) must be available for use by the QA to perform the above inspections, so that appropriate random sample size can be selected for the final inspection.


PEI and Vendor QA should use the approved PEI formats globally.

Final Inspection Reports (page-1) which provides a summary of the result of inspection Final Inspection Check-List (Tops or Bottoms- page-2) used as a guide for the QA to check the product in a systematic manner. Measurement Quality System Audit Report for spec measurements

Using the reports

Report Usage
Cut quality report Monitor & target quality by cutter – CS Know in advance which parts have a cutting problem – PM Monitor cutting quality – FM
Roving inspection record sheet Know trend in operator’s quality over the week and deal with operators who are not improving– QS Check how many operators the sampler has visited – QS
100% inspection Show which operations are producing defects and require attention –QS Know which are the problem operations and take corrective action – PM  
Repair list Keep track of repairs and ensure that they are returned promptly – QS  
Quality audit Monitor the efficiency of the quality system and provide feedback on the quality being passed – FM  
Weekly audit summary Follow-up on actions arising from the Quality System Audit – FM  
Daily quality report Know which are the problem operations and take corrective action – PM Monitor the quality produced by the lines – FM  
Weekly quality report Know which are the problem operations and take corrective action –PM Monitor the quality produced by the lines – FM  


Verify the following is available when performing a Final Inspection-

Ensure FIT, PPS has been approved and PPS available for reference. If PPS has not been approved DO NOT proceed with Final Inspections.
Verify if TOP has been sent prior to conducting Final Inspections. Contact local  merchandiser if TOP has not been sent. DO NOT mark ‘PASS’ on Final Inspection report of TOP is not approved.
QC file available with PPS comments from  office, complete PDM (tech pack), purchase order sheet with UPC information sheet etc.
Fabric and Hand / Color standard that has been approved.
Shade band in the case of indigo or piece dyed product that has been approved.
Trim card complete with all trims that has been approved including embroidery, printing standards.
Fabric and Garment test reports confirming that the product meets the care label instructions.
Final Packing List.


Circle the shipping mode and packing method on the inspection report-

Verify packing method
Verify if the order is a standard pack (solid size/color) or pre-pack.
Verify if the style should be shipped with individual or master poly bag.
Inspect container for any holes, damages etc.


Go through the check list against the packaging and place a check mark against YES, NO or N/A-

Verify if carton quality is good and strong, condition is dry and not damp.
Ensure cartons are taped with approved security tape.
Verify by measuring the carton dimension against what is printed on carton and ensure they are within the requirements.
Ensure carton markings are correct as per requirement of store/customer.
Ensure carton pack ID label is placed in the correct place.
Verify if there are any other extra carton labeling required by specific customer.
Verify if there is no wastage of space within carton while carton size is correct to the size of the stack. Space around garment inside the carton is loose all around.
Verify that the garments are stacked carefully so that there are minimal movements within carton.
Ensure hangers are secured safely within the carton either to the elastic or hanger grooves (hook holder) made out of corrugated sheets.
Ensure poly bag quality and gauge is correct while the bag fits to the garment size and that they are not wet or damp, while also checking if perforation is needed or not.
Ensure hanger and hanger sizer quality is correct while the color and size is also correct.
If garments are folded and packed flat, ensure they are folded correctly as per specification and there are no dead creases or wrinkle marks.
If there are other items for packaging, add the point/s and mark accordingly.


Perform a count audit by counting the number of units within the box and ensure it matches the carton marking and ID label quantity.

Accuracy Quality System Audit

Verify poly bag sticker size is correct when compared to hang tag size. R emove poly bag.
Verify hang tag/ joker tag & price ticket quality is correct while the placement is as per specification.
Verify hang tag/ joker tag & price ticket information and price is correct.
Verify hang tag / joker tag & price ticket size is correct when compared with size label.
Ensure flasher quality and information is correct while the placement is also correct and secured. If flasher calls for NO IRON or WRINKLE FREE or PERMANENT CREASE etc., then the garments have undergone testing for repeated home laundering and passes PEI or customer standard as per manual
Ensure size strip quality is correct and it sticks on to garment very well while upon pealing the size strip, there are no residues settling on the surface of the fabric. Also verify the color of fabric is not running onto size strip.
Ensure the size on the size strip is correct to hang tag/ joker tag and size label.
If there are any ‘Other’ trims for packaging ensure to add to check-list and mark accordingly of Quality System Audit