RFID Production Monitoring Software

Garments and apparel sector is main revenue generating source in Bangladesh. Many of people are working in garments sector. Day by it is increasing production in factory. It is presenting Bangladesh to the next level.  Now all garments are focusing on industrial automation. They are trying to increase quality production with minimum time and minimum cost. Any automation always reduces manpower, time and cost. And RFID Production Tracking Software is that kind of software that reduces extra manpower, time and cost too. This software starts operation from cutting section to shipment. For more information please contact us

Production Monitoring Software

  1. Sub Contract Subcontractor Management Software
  2. Production Monitoring System Software for Clothing Factory
  3. Material Resource Planning MRP System Software

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RFID Working Process

Radio frequency identification device consist of 3 basic components: a tag, an interrogator and a controller. RFID tags consist by integrated circuit attached with antenna that is typically a small coil of wires covered with several protective material. Data of a bundle is stored in the IC and transmitted through the antenna to a reader.

Major Features

  • Style/order/buyer/item/process wise Production management
  • Operator efficiency tracking management
  • Incentive Report
  • Rejections can be entered and monitored for each process
  • Rejections can be entered and monitored for each operator
  • Skill matrix management
  • Line balancing analysis and management
  • Operators can be mapped based on line no on daily basis after the line balancing.

Manual Cutting Process

From here an operator of factory just inserts basic order information in Autogarments production monitoring software like buyer, order, color, size etc. A lay chart/spreading sheet is hard copy/ paper that contain cutting information and instruction kept by cutting department of a garment factory.

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