Quality Manager Jobs

Quality Manager Jobs working as Head of Quality Assurance, Ltd. Manufacturing Intimates apparel using Silicone Technology and Molded Bra Cup. We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software

Quality Manager Jobs

Statistical analysis is done for improving quality and deciding about the problem area and causes of the major problems to eliminate them. Statistical Analysis is done at the following stages:

  • Vendors’ analysis in case of outside job work to get the overall performance of each vendor. Work closely with Product Development Team, raw material suppliers and also with customers to make sure the right quality and delivery on time.
  • Heading the quality assurance functions in Close Comfort Project – Newly started business unit of MAS, producing patented product using Silicone Technology for customers Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer, Dim Branded Apparel, addidas etc.
  • Worked as QA In charge Quality Manager Jobs and manufactured for Victoria’s Secret Logo and Pink orders. I have implemented systems and procedures and head the QA Team.
  • Checkers’ performance grading to make them competitive and motivated towards Quality. A member of the team assigned for the Holdings new project at Bangalore – India in 2004. I fully involved in construction, setting processes and systems, Recruiting people, Training and development and commissioning of work.
  • Macrowear (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of a company under Lanka Equities, situated in Nivitigala in Rathapura district and the factory was specialized in production of Bottoms for Gap, Ns responsible for Pre Production and Pilot run, Raw Material Inspection, In Line quality assurance, Final Inspection, safety
  • Closely working with fabric, foam, Glue, Silicon and Flock suppliers and have an accredited laboratory for Limited Brands and M & S under Quality Manager Jobs department for testing raw materials and finished products. I have visited Fabric and Foam mills in China and developed them to meet our standards.
  • Any other special requirements, if applicable (to be provided by PPC)
  • Any pre production report, if applicable (to be provided by PPC)
  • Stitching line planning along with the placement of checkpoints at critical operations (to be provided by Stitching department)
  • NO. of needle to be used for each operation (to be provided by Stitching department)
  • Any quality report related to that style (to be added time to time by QA department itself).
  • Final Audit Report of In – House QA and buying house QC (to be added time to time).
  • Final Audit Analysis Report (to be done time to time).
  • composite textile mill manufactured Spun Yarn, Woven fabric and Dyed and Printed fabrics for export. The company was belonging to Kabool of South Korea and I have worked in spinning department.
  • Final audit analysis of that done by the in – house QA and buying house QC to check the overall performances of the system and buyer’s satisfaction level. I have joined to company as Trainee Executive and undergone training in the entire department and gained experience in textile manufacturing process.
  • Champion for project First Time through (FTT) in implementation of Lean Manufacturing system in the company. I am involving in lean system implementation project in the company for last 3 years and trained under consultants from USA. Now I am a Brown belt holder and doing a project for Black Belt. Black belt is the highest rank in Lean and handled so many Kaizen projects, attended to training


Other than normal reports in each area of garment production, Quality Reports  are also made for escalating the value of problems and to highlight them. The corrective and preventive actions for the problem are also recommended by the QA and the comments of the area in – charge are taken for the approval of the corrective / preventive actions. The copies of these reports are sent to the concerned personnel / department and the same are filed in the style production file. Our company is one of a best among the Holdings companies for Quality Manager Jobs in Lean system and enjoying the benefit of lean. I have through knowledge in this and have hand on experience in implementing.