Quality Inspector Job Responsibility
Quality Inspector Job Responsibility

Garment Quality Inspector Job Responsibility

Quality Inspector Job

  • Quality Inspector – To stop defective cut parts from leaving the cutting room.
  • To ensure that cut parts meet sewing room requirements in terms of size, notches and drill holes.
  • Select 9 parts from the garment at random for inspection and enter on the cut quality report.
  • Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software operation
  • Place the pattern on the top ply for the first part. Align the pattern on one edge (reference edge) and check for deviations on other edges.
  • For each deviation from the pattern that exceeds the tolerance, note a defect for that part under “Top”.
  • Check the same part (top ply) for position and depth of notches and position of drill holes. Record defects, if any, under corresponding column.
  • Repeat steps II, III and IV for a ply from the middle of the stack and the bottom ply. Record defects, if any.
  • Repeat steps II, III, IV and V for the remaining parts.
  • Show size defects to the cutter and cutting room supervisor. The cutter should rectify the defects immediately.
  • Compute DHU (defects per hundred units) and record this.
  • Notes:
  • Tolerance for straight knife machine is +/- 3 mm and for band saw, +/- 2 mm.
  • The cut Garment Quality Inspector report is sent to the Factory Manager as a part of the daily Cutting Room performance report (Appendix IX).
  • The middle ply is taken without disturbing the stack of cut parts so that defects, if any, can be rectified by the cutter.
  • Parts are inspected based on the requirement of the sewing room. If the sewing room does not require that collars, cuffs etc. is cut exact, inspect these accordingly.


  • As a practice, a final inspection must be done in the following sequence-
  • Packing Integrity
  • Workmanship Garment Quality Inspector
  • Spec Measurement


  • Below is a guideline for the auditor on how to use the inspection reports.-
  • Use the approved Final Inspection summary report
  • Use the detailed check list as a guide to cross check with garment and information on hand
  • Use the spec measurement report.
  • All three documents must be sent electronically to the QC dept. for IC issuance purpose by PDF format.
  • PE QAs must also ensure to verify the factory QA’s performed the compulsory 100% packing inspection and 10% packing integrity audit and all reports are properly recorded and filed prior to accepting a shipment
  • The Final Inspection Detail Check-List (Tops, Bottoms) must be used as a guide during a Final Inspection.
  • The inspector must put a check mark against YES only if no issues were found for that area or operation.
  • A check mark must be placed against NO if issues were found in that area or operation.
  • If an operation is not applicable, then a check mark should be placed against N/A

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