First Aid Medicine and Kit

First Aid Medicine – Injured personnel must receive prompt first aid treatment of their injuries by designated, qualified first-aiders. Where there is any suspicion of internal or skeletal (and especially spiral) injury, the person should not be moved unless he is in danger of further injury and then only after his neck has been stabilized using an adjustable cervical collar…

  • Small Volume Perenteral Products like 1ml ampoule to 20 ml ampoule filling facilities. first aid training not provided by doctor but other trainer e.g. sr. executive ..
  • Large Volume Perenteral Products: we are able to produce 100ml to 200 ml infusion bottle. trained first aid personnel on each production floor not sufficient
  • Lyophilized Injectables: we have a (180 sqft) 100 class area for this type of product manufacturing. N.B another 3000 sqft for further extension.
  • Injectables (Cephalosporin) :
  • Dry fill – range about 50mg to 1.5g/single dosing. We sale Garments Quality Control Inspection Report Software


First Aid should be administered to stop bleeding and ensure breathing while professional medical assistance is summoned. In cases where lesser injuries are involved, the person may be moved to a safe place for the administration of first aid. The special treatment of injuries caused by frost-bite or cold burns, as well as chemical burns, must be applied immediately.

  • Normal Low and high dose Tablet.
  • Effervescent tablet and granules: we have a low humid granulation and compression suite like 22 ±50c temperature and RH 25 ± 5%, which is specially designed for this type of sophisticated drug delivery system.
  • Chewable tablet.
  • Chewable gum tablet.
  • Dispersible Tablet.
  • Flash Tablet.
  • Orodispersible tablet like ibuprofen.

Capsule :

  • Solid in Hardgel.
  • Liquid in hard gel.(Substitute of Soft gelatin Capsule)

Oral Liquid Line :

  • Liquid line equipped with fully cGMP complied automatic Filling, sealing, and labeling machine, capable to produce 15ml with 200 ml fill volume.
  • From this line we are capable to manufacture all types of solution, emulsion and suspension

PFS line (Powder for suspension) :

  • We have fully automated PLC controlled PFS filling and sealing line which is also cGMP complied.
  • There is a specially designed dehumidified bottle holding area, where we kept the bottle for 24 hours before filling the PFS.

Sachet Filling Facility’s (SFF):

  • ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt).
  • no accident record kept with root cause identification
  • factory does not have nurse/paramedics/full time doctor for ambulance room covering ALL worked hours incl. OT and excessive OT (Bangladesh requires full time doctor at all times, not just nurse or paramedic)
  • vehicle not on stand-by for hospital trip
  • AIDS training not conducted with newly recruited or current workers
  • Single served PFS (Powder for suspension) .
  • Regular vitamin and mineral supplement (Zinc, Vitt A, Vitt D3, Vitt C,Folic Acid, Iron etc. premix), for 2-6 years old children.

Ointment and Cream :

  • There is a dedicated area for Ointment and cream, where we can produce laminated and collapsible ointment.
  • less than 1 first aider per floor per shift provided
  • first aiders are not well trained, certification and training not kept up to date or not available
  • first aiders are not wearing identification (e.g. uniform, armband or badge)
  • first aid boxes not filled sufficiently and not checked regularly
  • first aid boxes kept too high
  • list of medicines inside not posted on the outside of the box
  • first aid boxes not easily visible when on the floor
  • Eye and Ear ointment can also be prepared in this area.

Eye Drop :

We are also capable to produce sterile eye drop.

Taste Masking of API :

We can produce taste masking Bulk of bitter tasted API like Cefuroxime Axetil by Spry Chilled technique (Micro spheres of stearic acid). We have another technique of taste masking, like microencapsulation or powder coating.

Pellets: We have pellets manufacturing facilities. By   which we can produce the following pellets:

  • NPS ( None perial seeds)
  • Ferrous Sulphate TR pellets.
  • Ascorbic acid pellets.
  • Ascorbic acid SR pellets.
  • Folic acid pellets.
  • Carbonyl iron pellets.
  • Vitamin-B complex pellets.
  • Nicotinamide Pellets.
  • Diclofenac SR pellets.
  • Zinc sulphate pellets.
  • Omeprazole Pellets.
  • Lansoprazole Pellets.
  • Esomeprazole Pellets.
  • Paracetamol Pellets.
  • Iron Polymaltose Pellets.
  • Ciprofloxacin micro capsule and pellets.
  • Azithromycin micro capsule and pellets.
  • Erythromycin pellets.
  • Cefuroxime Axetil Pellets
    auto first aid kit

Child Care

  • wash facility i.e. toilet and sink not provided in child care room
  • child care room found near generator room causing excessive noise levels amount of toilets/urinals per male and female workers is not as per law
  • no doors or curtains at toilet cubicles to ensure privacy
  • no slippers provided in toilet area
  • wash facility missing in toilet area


If caustic soda should come into contact with clothing or the skin, the person affected should run instantly to the nearest water shower and drench the clothing and skin freely, then release the rubber hose of the irrigator from its clip and drench the clothing or skin freely with Boric Saline Solution. The contaminated clothing should be removed and the underlying skin again drenched.

These actions will neutralize the caustic and will, if done quickly enough, prevent a caustic burn from taking place or at least prevent one which may have occurred from becoming deeper.

A sterile first aid dressing should be applied and the person sent to a doctor at the first opportunity.

In order to prevent burns, the most satisfactory precaution it to insist on the use of protective clothing.


To ensure that there are sufficient qualified first aiders on site and to enhance their abilities both at work and home.


  • Liaise with QSE Department and have at least 5% of the work force trained.
  • Post he names of the first aiders in strategic areas i.e. guardroom etc.
  • Place copies of certificates in file 5.16
  • Ensure that expiry dates of certificates are checked so to keep the first aid trained persons current.