What is Perspirometer?

Perspirometer is used to determine color fastness of textiles to water and sea water and perspiration.

Specification of Perspirometer

  • Machine name: Perspirometer.
  • Model number: 890
  • Machine origin: England
  • Brand name: James H. Heal and Co. Ltd


PURPOSE: To maintain the minimum quality parameters in case of sub contract knitting, dyeing and finishing for Auto Textiles Ltd.

SCOPE: Sub contract factories and QC dept in Auto Textiles Ltd.

RESPOSIBILITY: Sr. supervisor, supervisor, Lab-in-charge, Sr. Manager, QC.

PROCEDURE: For sub contract Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing & Yarn Dyed   separate orders are prepared including necessary requirements as per our buyers’ requirements and placed to the sub contracts factories and we keep the records after receiving the sub contractors.

Note:   Here no specific format is used for sub contract work order as the necessary parameters are varying every time.

INSPECTION:  In case of sub contract knitted greige fabric is inspected as per 4-point system and it is recorded in Greige Inspection Report (F/QC/04).

Formula =         B X 100      = Points/ 100 Sq Yds


Here, B = Total points found, A = Total SquareYds



Greige fabric is inspected based on sampling

Formula: √a +1 (ref: Martindle)

Here, a =Total No of roll

Acceptance: In greige inspection we accept up to 40 points per 100 sq yards (however this should not be exceeded 28 points per 100 sq yards in case of finished fabric). If it is more than 40 (ie. up to 60 is B grade, up to 80 is C grade and more than 80 is considered as rejected) in greige stage, QC people will make the NCMPR (F/QC/03) for final decision accordingly.

Dyeing & Finishing (Both Solid & Yarn Dyed Finished Fabric)

In case of sub contract Dyed & Finished fabric it is inspected as per 4-point system and it is recorded in Finished Fabric Inspection Report


Here actual roll length in yds and actual width in inch.


Finished fabric is inspected based on sampling

Formula: √a +1 (ref: Martindle)

Here, a =Total No of roll.

Acceptance: As per procedure using the Finished Fabric Inspection Report form  if it is below 28 points per 100 sq yards then it is accepted and if it is more than 28 then QC people will prepare Non-Conforming Material/Product Report (F/QC/03) for final decision of review board whether it is useable or not for the same or by any subsequent procedure like re-process or some thing else.

Yearly Preventive Maintenance Schedule Perspirometer

Weekly                           1.Check drive motors and its terminals.

2.Check heating Element and its operation.

3.Check water inlet solenoids valve and clean it if required.

4.Check main drive motor and its speed if required adjust the speed from power board.

Two Month:                   1. Check drain valve and clean if required.

2. Calibrate all parameters if required.

3. Check motors and belts, adjust tension if required.

Yearly:                           1. Check Micro switch operating strip adjustment and

More Test Equipment Name

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  • Digital Pipette (I)
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  • Perspirometer
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