Fabric Inspection Machine for Fabric Mill
Fabric Inspection Machine

Fabric Inspection Machine for Fabric Mill

Fabric Inspection Machine

Fabric inspection machine in fabric mill, apparel industry and textile industry is the main element of making a garment is fabric. It use for fabric design of nylon fabric, tulle fabric, polyester fabric and apparel fabric in fabric mill.  So, it must be checked the quality of a apparel fabric before making garments. This is done by a special machine is called fabric or cloth inspecting machine. Attachment for pulling the fabric through the inspection area on machine is equipped with a rubberized pull roll, so that the device is precise by a sleeplessly adjustable motor.

Spreading for Fabric Design :

Spreading and opening device with a counter wise driven scroll roll, made of stainless steel in front of inspection illuminated wide screen, which make the fabric efficiently visible on screen.

Controlling of Apparel Fabric:

Inverter controlled motor for smooth operation which have variable resistance for controlling main motor speed. Three separate flicker switch used for controlling illumination for checking apparel fabric.

Input and Output for Fabric Mill:

  • Roll to roll
  • Roll to plaited or folding
  • Set up with 6 PCs bearing loaded stainless steel roll in the bottom side of the machine to move the fabric roll. A bearing loaded moving plait is installed for easy loading of plaited fabric for fabric mill.

Specifications of Fabric Inspection Machine:

Specification of the equipment inspection is given below-

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”][label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]
Product CategoryQc/Inspection
Machine CategoryInspection Machine
Product NameEquipment Inspection Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
Brand/ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Power380v, 1.1KW
Production Capacity200 Set/Sets per Month
Detection width2400mm
Maximum roll diameter580mm
Error ≤±3mm
Fabric length calculation≤0.3%
Motor power2.2kw
DescriptionApplied to fabric design of nylon fabric, tulle fabric, apparel fabric etc

Details in Inspection machine

  1. Machine Name : Fabric Inspection Machine.
  2. Country origin : Locally made
  3. Model No. : Serial No. 295
  4. No. of machine : 02
  5. Speed of the machine : 13 meters / minute (Depends upon the quality) premium.
  6. h) Fabric waste : 0.7%-1.0% due to swatch cutting from each roll.
  7. Production capacity per day : 2X(13X1420X.55) =20163 mts

Some Fabric Inspection Findings by Buyer:

  • Fabric Inspection Report.
  • Need to identify Rejected Fabric Area Providing Information.
  • Fabric must be put on with Stand by color and buyer wise.
  • Stock fabric must be put in separately and identify the buyer with bin card.
  • Cutting Section needs to setup reject fabric/cut panel area with code number.
  • Need to provide log sheet about sharp tools like, scissor, cutter, poker, stapler, pattern, knife etc.
  • House keeping system must be improved in everywhere.
  • Provide all the quality reports whenever buyer demands it.
  • Providing machine maintain log timely
  • Remove the needle from the idle machine.
  • Missing tube light in many places. Specifically, in the packing area.

Fabric Inspection Report

The supplier does 100 % fabric inspection. Factory is doing 10% inspection on received qty by American 4 point system.   The given points will be on following defects basis…

0-3 inch           (1point)

  • (2point)
  • (3point)

Above 9”         (4point)

After allocating the points on any roll / lot, with the help of following formula we find the POINTS PER 100 SQUARE YARDS


Actual Point

POINTS / 100 SQ.YD.           =  ————————————————   x   100


According to the American standards of evaluation, a lot is accepted if it has 40 or less than 40 points/100 Sq.yard. In Lenny, in order to have the best quality output, the points is reduced to 20.(i.e.) if a roll has more than 20 points/100Sq.yard, then that roll is termed as rejected and Technical manager or Merchandising manager will take final decision on that particular roll. The inspection format called RANDOM INSPECTION REPORT FOR FABRICS. This format reflects the full fabric defects; about widths (which play a vital role in cutting,) roll length, etc…

It’s duly signed by fabric inspector and submits the report to quality section. One copy also goes to technical manager, CEO and ACEO.

Shade Segregation Report

After off-loading the fabrics, one swatch has to be cut from each roll, then mention the yardage and roll no on it. From all these swatches we form a blanket and if it is wash program then send for washing. Washing will be done as per approved standard for that Po # with respective color. This wash blanket will be approved by merchandising dep., technical manager and in case of any discrepancy then it will rewash. Approved blanket will cut into swatches and with the visual effect of each swatch, we assigned them one family. There can be different color family in one color. Color family is always finalized by merchandising manger and technical head. This approval recorded into one report which reveals full information about each color family like roll no. Yardage, no of color family etc… With this report, fabric store will issue the bulk fabric to cutting dep. Fabric store will not issue second color family even a single roll is pending from first one. So one time one color family only then next one.

Shrinkage Segregation Report

In case of wash garments, shrinkage plays a vital role. There will be different pattern for diff shrinkage. As per color family, we also assign shrinkage family to each color. Shrinkage will be done for vertical and horizontal respectively.

We assign the shrinkage family in four groups.

GROUP                     TYPE                         %

A                                 VERTICAL                1 – 3%

B                                 VERTICAL                3.5 – 6.5%

C                                 HORIZONTAL          1 – 4.5%

D                                 HORIZONTAL          5 – 9%

So we make a report for each group and forward it to store so that it can issue fabric accordingly.

Down Time :

  1. Change to batcher time 5 minutes (Length of batcher 3500 yards)
  2. Gap between roll completion and new roll starting time 3 minutes. Avg. roll length is 125 yards.
  3. Fault detection time 25 sec per events and 10 to 15 events per 120 yds


Operator sets the batcher and feeds the fabric by the guide roller. The fabric goes through a special table where there is arrangement for light to defect faults in the fabric

Faults point system

Faults lengthPoints to be assigned
3 inch or less1
Over 3 inch but less 6 inch2
Over 6 inch but less 9 inch3
Over 9 inch4

Total Faults Points System

Actual Point

Points/100 sq. meter   = —————————————- X 100

Actual length x Fabric with

Different type of Fault:

  1. Miss warp
  2. Double warp
  3. Miss pick
  4. Double pick
  5. gote
  6. Hole
  7. Dyeing fault
  8. Temple Mark
  9. Slub
  10. etc

Operation staff for weaving section:

  • Executive
  • Jr. Executive
  • Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Asst. Operator
  • Helper

Feature of Fabric Inspection Machine: 

This features of the  machine for apparel fabric is given below –

Fabric Inspection Machine
Fabric Inspection Machine Parts
  • The operation box is freely easy and comfortable operation for fabric design
  • Capable for  multi-group light rollers with a djustable lifting to regulate speed of each motor group respectively for a tensionless feeding and rolling for fabric design
  • Capable for photoelectric device for automatic edge-alignment of apparel fabric and nylon fabric
  • Length counter meter and mendable electronic length counting meter
  • Prepared with bright light pipe devices, the degree of brightness can be accustomed.
  • Equipment inspection with the cloth relaxing system, it can inspect as well as relax the cloth at the same time.
  • The speed of rolling can be set according to user requirements
  • Some types of size and models are providing to be chosen and fit for different thickness of tulle fabric.
  • It is customized wide ferrous detect machines in fabric mill
  • It is designed to combine with client  machines. See more fabric tester here
  • Capable for multi-group invers for stepless and synchronous speed adjustment for tulle fabric and nylon fabric in fabric mill
[1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700,  Email- ferdus.j@gmail.com

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