Quality System Procedure of a Garments

Quality System Procedure

PURPOSE: To define management responsibility of Auto Garment Ltd

SCOPE: Applies to Quality Management System (QMS) adopted by Auto Garment Ltd

RESPONSIBILITY: Managing Director is responsible for declaring Quality Policy and ensuring responsibility, and authority for the persons who manage, perform and verify work-affecting quality and shall ensure adequate resources for implementing Quality System. Managing Director is also responsible for business plan and internal communication. Managing Director, General Manager and Managers are responsible for setting quality   objectives of their area in line with the quality policy and business plan.


  • Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Establishing quality policy and quality objectives
  • Ensuring availability of resources
  • Determine and meet customer requirements to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Planning of quality management system
  • Define and communicate responsibility and authority of the employees
  • Appoint Management Representative with required responsibility and authority
  • Establish internal communication process.


Quality Policy

  • Quality Policy shall be prepared and declared by the Managing Director.
  • Management Representative shall ensure that the Quality Policy is
  • circulated, understood and followed throughout the organization. This
  • shall be achieved by posting the Quality Policy at prominent locations,
  • and discussing it on appropriate occasions.
  • In every management review meeting, this Quality Policy shall be
  • reviewed for continuing suitability and updated if required.

Internal Communication

At least once a year a Quality Awareness Meeting will be arranged for all employees of the company. the meeting Managing Director shall inform responsibilities  and duties of the employees to achieve quality objectives, impact of meeting or not meeting customer, statutory and regulatory  requirements. Time to time notice will be circulated on the above issues if needed.

Organization Chart

Managing Director shall clearly establish an overall organizational structure in the form of organization chart (Organogram). In this organization chart, functions related to quality management system, reporting and communication channel shall be defined.


  • Review impact internal communication once a year.
  • Review Quality Policy in every management review meeting for continuing suitability.
  • Review achievement of Business Plan at the end of every year.
  • Review achievement of departmental quality objectives at a frequency defined  n the departmental objectives. Achievement of company objectives shall reviewed at the end of every year.
  • Review resource requirement in every management review meeting.
  • Maintain appropriate records of review.

Responsibility And Authority

  • Responsibility and authority delegated to each position shall be
  • explicitly defined and clearly established in Job Description.
  • Responsibility, and authority to act shall be sufficient to attain the
  • assigned quality objectives with the desired efficiency.
  • Employees shall perform their jobs according to prescribed Job
  • Descriptions. They should effectively contribute to improvement of
  • policies and results by carrying put assigned jobs properly.
  • The Job Description will be defined in documented fashion for all levels.
  • All employees who manage, perform and verify work affecting quality shall be given responsibility and authority to raise and resolve problems that concerns the fulfillment of the organization’s policies  and objectives.


Managing Director shall determine and provide in a timely Manner resources needed to establish and maintain the Quality Management System and achieve Business Plan. These resources will


– human resources and specialized skills

– adequate and suitable environment

– information necessary for control of processes and to ensure

conformity of product

– inspection, measuring and test equipment

– any other equipment, machinery or resource as deemed necessary

Quality Objectives:

  • Managing Director shall define quality objective of the company in
  • Quality Policy.
  • Strategy to achieve this quality objective will be deployed among relevant department.
  • Department heads shall prepare their strategy to achieve the company quality objective based on deployed strategy of the company.
  • Quality Management System Planning
  • Quality Management System shall be planned in the form of Business Plan.
  • Managing Director shall prepare Yearly Business Plan at the last quarter every year.
  • This plan shall be updated by Managing Director, if needed, after review in each management review meeting.

Management Representative           

  • Managing Director shall appoint a Management Representative
  • Management Representative shall perform his regular departmental
  • activities in addition to his responsibilities as Management
  • Representative.
  • Management Representative shall have authority to ensure that the
  • requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards are implemented and
  • maintained.
  • Management Representative will report to the Managing Director
  • on the performance of the quality management system, including needs
  • for improvement in every month.
  • Management Representative is also responsible for ensuring awareness
  • of customer requirements throughout the organization.
  • He will also be responsible for maintaining liaison with external parties
  • on matters relating to Quality Management System such as Registrar, Consultant, Calibration source, etc.

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