Hygiene Inspector’s Checklist

After this session, participants will know about: Major issues related to health & Hygiene, safety (OHS) and welfare. Related international Standards and will be able to deal with non-compliance issues in the above mentioned areas in a professional manner

  • Are lockers provided for each person?
  • Are lockers clean & tidy for chemical caution ?
  • Are floors clean & tidy?
  • Are food items stored in lockers?
  • Are shower facilities provided?
  • Are floors, toilets and urinals kept clean and disinfected?
  • Is water wastage prevented?
  • Are wash basin provided and supplied with soap?
  • Are clean towels provided?
  • Are toilet facilities inspected regularly by representatives?
  • Are cleaning team appointed and provided with equipment?
  • Is sufficient seating provided?
  • Are floors tables chairs clean?
  • Are refuse bins provided?
  • Are clean towels provided ?
  • Are soap provided near wash basins?
  • Are clean cool hygienic drinking water provided?
  • Are cooking utensils clean and stored in a safe manner?
  • Are floors clean and slip free?
  • Is kitchen disinfected regularly to control, rodents, insects?
  • Are caps apron/overalls supplied and worn?
  • Are leak-proof refuse bins with lead supplied and kept clean?
  • Is kitchen fly-proof?
  • Are first facilities & fire protection provided?
  • Is ventilation adequate? Does the extractor work?

Floor Wise Safety & Health Hygiene Facilities

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Toile
  • Basin
  • Water Tap
  • Water Jar/Filter
  • Hand Dryer
  • Grievance/suggestion. Box
  • First Aid box
  • Emergency light ( Focus)
  • Exit Light( IPS)
  • IPS Light
  • Hose Pipe
  • Fire Bucket(Sand + Water)
  • Cover Bin
  • Spittoon
  • Smoke Detector
  • Helmet
  • Blanket
  • Gas Musk
  • Fire hand gloves
  • Fire Hook
  • BITA
  • Lock Cutter
  • CCTV Camera
  • Fire bell
  • Gong Bell
  • Fire Alarm Switch
  • Stature
  • Sound box
  • Notice Board
  • Evacuation Plan

Hygiene Training

StepMost important contents
Discussion of special  provisions relating to health, hygiene,  safety and welfare  included in the Labour Law 2006.



Required safety precautions mentioned in the national laws
Discussion of  the importance of OHS Systems that should be implemented in the factory(management/Social Compliance Officer/Worker  responsibility)



StepMost important contents
Case Study on OHSIdentifying non-compliances in OHS and developing remediation measures
Exercise: Q & AAs per participants’ questions
Wrap upSummarize key learning points