What is Internal Quality Audit Management?

What is Internal Quality Audit Management?

What is Internal Quality Audit Management?

Internal Quality Audit


To carry out objective audits in order to determine if the quality management system has been effectively implemented and conforms to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. dddd


Applies to internal audits performed on a periodic basis at Autogarments Ltd.


Audit:  Is a systematic and independent examination to a determine whether quality system activities and related result comply with planned arrangement and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are submit to achieve objectives.

Auditor: A person who has qualifications and is authorized to perform all or any portion of a quality system audit.

Audit Objectives:

To reveal deficiencies in the documented system

To reveal deficiencies in the implementation of the documented system

To constantly measure achievement in terms of management compliance.

To serve as a tool for corrective action.

To examine effectiveness of improved system

To identify opportunity for improvement.

Observation: A factual statement about a witnessed event.

Objective Evidence: Observations, statements of facts or the information contained in                   record that can be verified.


Management Representative is responsible for scheduling audit dates, selecting and assigning          auditors for audit quality elements of the standard at OFMA Camp.


Internal audit will be done every elements of the quality management system twice in a year.

Audit may be done more frequently in particular area or all areas on the basis or previous audit results or importance of the processes.

Auditors shall not audit their own work.

Detected nonconformities shall be eliminated by the Management responsible for the area audited in accordance with the agreed completion date.

Follow –up audit shall be done to verify effectiveness of the action taken

All audit results will be reported to management.


Audit Plan and Scheduling

Management Representative shall plan, schedules and delegate           personnel to perform internal quality audits.

At the beginning of each year, Management Representative shall prepare two years audit plan or rolling basis.

Internal audits shall be carried on every element of the documented quality system at least twice in a year.

Audit schedule shall be notified in advance to the manager / head         responsible for the area or element to be audited.

Auditor Qualification and Independenc

Only qualified auditor shall participate in internal auditing.           Qualification may be obtained via training or experience.

Auditor shall be assigned such facilities for which they are not directly responsible to perform the activities being audited

Non-Conformity Recording

Non-conformity detected during audits shall be recorded in Non-     conformity Report (F-OFMA-02).


Upon completion of the audit, a closing meeting shall be held between

The auditor(s) and the Manager / Head responsible for the area being               audited. At this time, any observation / Non-conformity detected during audit shall be brought into attention. A copy of the Non-conformity report (NCR) shall be forwarded to the Manager / Head of the area responsible for Non-conformity.

An audit report mentioning the date, area and person(s), quality element audited, shall be prepared by the respective department

and submit to the Management Representative.

Corrective Action

conformity is studied and corrective actions taken by the competent people of the department responsible for Non-compliance.

Follow-up audit on non-conformity after agreed period of corrective  action shall be performed by the same person(s) who conducted the audit or person(s) designated by the Management Representative

Implementation and effectiveness of the corrective action shall be verified and recorded through follow-up audits.

A report on follow-up audits will be prepared by the Management Representative for the top management.

Closing of Corrective action Request / Report

Management Representative shall close the Non-conformity Report upon receipt of follow-up audit report if corrective actions are implemented properly and found to be effective.

Record Retention

All audit reports shall be assigned by a unique number and relevant      records to be maintained period of two (2) years by the Management Representative.


Management Representative shall annualize the trend of Non-conformity department and element wise upon completion of each audit using Internal Audit results analysis.

Internal auditors shall check for the following points during audit:

revious Non-conformities are closed and effective.

Audit being held as per approved plan and schedule.

Audit reports of previous audits are available at the department

activity and documented system.

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