GSM Laser Cutter is used for Cutting Fabric

1. GSM Laser Cutter

GSM Scale is used everyplace and garment merchandising of all industry. This test equipment is special cutting tool is used in non woven and woven fabric.  The unit is recommended forgsm of fabric  i.e. determination of weight per unit area. For finding the weight per area a weighing scale having the minimum feeling of 0.01 gsm of fabric is required.

2. Specifications of Gsm Cutter:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“]

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]

Product Category

QC / Inspection

Machine Category

GSM Tester

Product Name

GSM Scales

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class





Name of Manufacturer

Agent in Bangladesh



2 x AAA batteries, 220 V, 9v/100mA


0-40° C (32-104°F)



Production Capacity


The backlight



g, dwt, ct, gn

Automatic power-off

1 minute

Calibration function


Tare (zero) feature


Low power indicator


Over load indicator


Scale size

225 x 160 x 40 mm

Platform size

100 square centimeter in a circular form

Scale Net weight / Gross Weight

440 g / 580 g



Large LCD

165 x 25 mm


A standard laboratory / Industrial grade testing scale model for gsm of fabric



3. Parts of GSM Cutter for  Cutting Fabric:

  • Safety catch lock
  • Four replaceable blades
  • Two special grade cutting pads
  • Balance
laser cutter for gsm of fabric
GSM Cutter

4. Features of GSM Lesser Cutter in Garment Merchandising:

  • It is a test equipment for cutting fabric
  • It is used in garment merchandising
  • This test equipment has multiple blades for cutting fabric.
  • Depth of cutting fabric up to 5mm.
  • This cutting tool is durable and easy to use.
  • This cutting tool can cut 100 sq. centimeters.
  • The platform size is 130mm.
  • It is also used for non woven and woven fabric
  • The equipment consists of Sample cutter with safety catch lock.

5. Function of GSM Laser Cutter:

The instrument of GSM cutter is used as determine the GSM i.e. Grams per square meter of different types of textiles accurately which includes non woven  and woven fabric.

6. Conclusion

The instrument is very popular in the Textile industries to measure gsm of fabric. It can use easily to determine accurate GSM for non woven and woven fabric.

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