Crocking Test Tester

This Crocking Test Tester verifies the color bleeding property of garment. The instrument called CROCK METER. This process done in two types: (1) DRY CROCKING (2) WET CROCKING. Acceptable standard varies from buyer to buyer but best standard is

DRY               4

WET                3


For dry process, place the swatch of testing material under plate of crocking test meter.  With crock meter cloth, 10 cycle of rubbing will be done on testing material. Shade effect will come on crock meter cloth, then measure it with gray scale and allocate the rating. In wet process, everything remains same except that crock meter cloth is wet with one drop of distil water.


This report is received from Hong Kong office. In head office, styles are divided into two sections. Each buyer follows different system and procedure. Cut plan is based on order recap. Order recap provides all information about style like size, ratio, color, qty, FOB price, shipment date etc. that determine features of cut plan.


Po # sheet is replica of order recap. This report received by concerned merchandiser (in factory) from head office. It works to cross check the order recap report to minimize the chances of errors while making the cut plan. This report also delivers the full information about any style.


This process is done in head office. Buyer require fabric avg., for every order. With miniature marker, we find required avg. and along with marker planning we send fabric-booking sheet to buyer. After including the trims cost, negotiation  done for per unit cost.

AUTO  is a 100% foreign own and only tent manufacturing company in Bangladesh. AUTO  has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing high quality tent, bag, backpack and folding comp chair and consistently the  world’s largest manufacturer and specialist in the outdoor industry.

AUTO  group has three factories in Bangladesh located at CEPZ, Chittagong. More than 5,000 employees are working in AUTO , Bangladesh now and yearly export from Bangladesh is around 50 million U.S. Dollar. Over 100 members in it’s R&D team are refreshing by new concept on product design development. Sense on the market trend , creative & innovate mind are the main element for developing our product be the best & unique in this field.

During this 20 years development, AUTO  made a world-wide network with sales office in Korea, HK, USA, Canada, Australia & Germany with factories in Bangladesh and China.

AUTO  group has three factories in Bangladesg located in Chittagong Export Processing Zone , Chittagong. More than 5,000 employees are working in AUTO  Bangladesh now and yearly export from Bangladesh is around 50 million U.S. Dollars.

Auto  , Bd is going to make a new factory building in Chittagong Export Processing Zone, after making the factory floor area will be increased around 36,000 sft. Accordingly the production is also going to be increase from $50million  to 70million from 2005.


The total manpower will be increase around 2,000 from 2005 , Therefore the company have to know. End of crocking test topics